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Biscuit’s Blanket

14 Aug


I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see how this turned out. Truth be told, I kind of was too! My goal was to have it finished by his second birthday, and I cut it pretty close to the wire. As in, I wove in the last ends and trimmed them off the night before his birthday. So now he has a sweet blanket that he can’t use for several more months because we live in the South and it’s summer and there is absolutely no need for wool in the summer.



At the start I had planned on knitting a bunch of mitered squares and then sewing them together when I had enough. Fortunately, Katie convinced me to just pick up and knit each square, which probably saved me time and helped me meet my goal. Each square was a pretty quick knit, but man, it was a boring project.

When I finally finished, I did a little finagling to get the edges all lined up, then did 2 rows of single crochet around the edges to make it really finished. During the process I was afraid it would turn out a bit too purple, but the colors blended really nicely and I am pleased with the finished result.




The important thing is that Biscuit likes it! I couldn’t work on it in front of him, or he would insist on having it draped on him or wrapped around him. I took it on our trip to the beach, and didn’t get to work on it the entire car ride, because it was tucked around his little legs while he swung them happily and patted his belly, smiling about “my own blanket.” Hopefully he gets lots of use out of it this winter, either keeping him warm in bed or wrapped around him in the car for the trip to school on cold days.



Started: September 20, 2013

Finished: July 11, 2014 (Hey! Less than a year!)

Yarn: Knit Picks Worsted Chroma, colorway Rainbow; Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted, colorway Cloud



A productive and crafty morning

18 Jun

This morning started out pretty poorly, what with Biscuit being ornery and me having to make an extra trip home after dropping the kids off at school because I didn’t bring water play clothes for Coco. So I was in a pretty grumpy mood by 8:45 am. Fortunatley, as the saying goes, music soothes the savage beast, and rocking to some tunes while pounding out 5 miles of speed work on the beautiful greenway did, in fact, raise my spirits. When I got home I began to execute a plan that has been fermenting in my brain for awhile. See, I have this really strange desire to learn how to cross stitch. But since I don’t know how, I decided that I really need to do some more embroidery. I did a tiny bit ages ago and really like it, and now I want to do more. Probably because I’m tired of working on Biscuit’s “baby” blanket. Which, by the way, looks like this now:

6.5 squares to go!

6.5 squares to go!

This Genius and Terrific Idea is to make little embroidered quilt squares with the kid’s names on them. Originally I thought to just hang them in their rooms, but I think it might be even cuter to hang them on the wall outside their room. A sort of “This room belongs to:” type thing, only more colorful and fun. At least until they are old enough to be embarrassed by the stuff their mom makes for them. I dug through my old fabric pieces and found some odds and ends of blue batik that works for Biscuit. Bonus: I already have blue embroidery floss that perfectly coordinates. Score 1 for me. Buried even further down were some leftovers from Coco’s baby blanket. I laid out some patterns.

A piece-y mess

A piece-y mess

Not so messy

Not so messy

For Biscuit’s I just went for random placement of pieces that would yield a rectangle. For Coco’s the goal was even color distribution. I dug out and dusted off my sewing machine, which has sat in a closet for about a year now. Then I sewed and I pressed and I sewed and I pressed and after about 30 minutes I had these two cute little quilt squares.

I like it!

Much neater, and Coco will love it. Because it has pink.

Much neater, and Coco will love it. Because it has pink.

The plan is to embroider the kid’s names on them and frame them, but not to actually quilt them up. Although I was attempting to make them 8X10, they both turned out slightly larger. Eventually I’ll have to trim them to fit a frame, but for now, I’m leaving them. Now I just have to brush up on my embroidery skills and get to work! This will either take a matter of weeks, or a year. Here’s hoping for the former.

A blanket for Biscuit

8 Oct

Well, I finally got my act together and starting knitting a baby blanket for my not-so-little baby. I mean, winter is coming and all that. By which I mean it has been in the 80s the past few days but there is the chance that one day it might get below 60. Maybe.



I am using the rest of the yarn from the POP! blanket, because I accidentally ordered twice as much as needed! Since I don’t want to knit the same blanket twice I decided to go for a mitered blanket. I’ve wanted to knit one for forever, and I think the variegated colors with the white will look spectacular in stripes

Oooo, gradient!

Oooo, gradient!

I managed to knit 2 squares, then got sidetracked by a crochet project, then got lazy and kind of forgot to knit for awhile. Oops. At this rate he’ll have a baby blanket by the time he heads off to college.

POP!, the final product

19 Aug

Ok, I know you have all been refreshing your feed readers daily in hopes of seeing the finished product of this bad boy. Or, if you’re like me, you forgot to ever move your feeds from Google Reader, so you haven’t read any new blog posts by anyone since July. Whatevs!



When I las left you, I had finished knitting all these cute but annoying little squares and just needed to sew them together and block the whole thing. Well, let me tell you, it was much easier than I expected! I mean, I had to use a crochet hook to sew them together, which could easily have ended in disaster since my crochet skills are, to put it nicely, subpar. But it was fast and pretty easy.

Oh, the ends!

Oh, the ends!

Of course then I had about a thousand little ends to weave in. Like 2 or 3 for every square. I do like sewing up knitted objects, but that’s sweaters and stuff. Weaving in ends? No. Just no. Someone needs to invent a knitting technique that leaves no ends anywhere. Even the cast on end. You know what? Someone probably already has and I just need to find it on YouTube.

Do you see the torture of the ends? Do you see???

Do you see the torture of the ends? Do you see???

But hey, I got it done with time to spare! Not only did I finish it before we went to Colorado to meet the new baby, I finished it before the baby was even BORN.

Blocking on the magic blocking towel.

Blocking on the magic blocking towel.

I think that’s a first, for real. In fact, I haven’t even started Biscuit’s blanket yet, and he’s 13 months old now. Speaking of babies, prepare to awww or squee, whichever is your cup of tea.

Man, I love babies.

Man, I love babies.

Pattern: POP! by Tin Can Knits

Yarn: KnitPicks Chroma for the colors, Wool of the Andes (maybe) for the white

Notes: It got boring and tedious, but I think it’s worth the effort. It gives a really gorgeous product, and would look just as good with more subdued colors.


4 Jun

DISCLAIMER: If you’re about to have a baby, like, by the end of the month, I strongly urge you to look away. If you don’t, you will either ruin your own surprise, or be really upset when you find out this isn’t for you. Just so you know.

Well. This should have taken much less time, but I’ll be honest and admit that the charm of knitting these little squares was soon overruled by the tediousness. Still, I powered through and knit the final square on Saturday.

Sunday I lightly steam blocked the individual squares and realized I had messed up the white portion of two. So, after reknitting and then blocking those I was finally able to get an idea of how this thing is going to look.

I laid out the squares. Rearranged. Rearranged some more. Swapped places. Finally took a picture not only for the blog, but to remember how I like them laid out. Then I stacked them in what appeared to be a logical manner but will probably just wind up confusing me.

Now to seam all 20 blocks together by some method I’ve never done before then give the thing one last wet block. I’ve got just about 4 weeks. This is doable, even for my lazy self.


9 Apr

Disclaimer: If you have any reason to expect a hand knit baby blanket in the next few months and would rather be surprised, STOP READING! Warning – Pictures ahead! 


Still here? Okay.

Back around Valentine’s day Tin Can Knits had a pattern give away. Any pattern for free! One is the super cute POP! blanket, which can be knit as a full sized blanket or a baby blanket. Since someone I know is having a baby in June, I thought this would be a perfect project. Not only is it cute, I get to learn some new techniques!


Gratuitous yarn picture.

Each square starts in the center, requiring a pinhole cast on using a crochet hook. I had to look this one up, but it’s really quite easy. Then there’s a lot of increasing and making a bigger circle until, finally, you put on some corners to make the thing a square.

Each square is really fast. I put down 6 in about 3 evenings of knitting. I thought I had done 5, but when I pulled them out of my bag to take a picture, there was another one! So either I knit it and forgot about it, or some sneaky little elves live in the house and knit at night. Like the elves that help out the cobbler. Anyway, I need 14 more squares, I think, to make a baby blanket. Then all those squares get sewn together for the final product.


Yes, they are square. They just need to be blocked first.

I was really expecting the colors in this yarn to be more saturated. The look it in the pictures, but in real life they’re a bit more subdued than I wanted. I hope that against the white background they will really, well, pop out more and appear brighter. Even if they don’t I think it’s going to be really cool when it’s all done.

Despite being a little bit fiddly, I am enjoying knitting these squares. I might just make another blanket after I’m done with this one. I mean come on, I never made a baby blanket for Biscuit.

Thanksgiving 2012 recap

28 Nov

When you host a whole bunch of family, Thanksgiving moves past a single day of celebration and becomes more of a week long event. The celebration started before anyone even arrived, because Monday was my birthday! (And also my mother-in-law’s birthday, so I’m sure there was celebrating there as well). I am now officially in my 30’s, but still act and feel somewhere around 22.

Once people arrived we spent most of our time playing with cute babies, eating, and laughing. Biscuit is about 6 weeks older than his newest cousin Baby C, and those 6 weeks were pretty obvious in weight! Baby C is just as long as Biscuit, but quite a few pounds lighter. They had fun laying around and getting tickled.

Babies! Biscuit on the left, Baby C on the right.

Babies! Biscuit on the left, Baby C on the right.

And Biscuit had fun showing off his rolling skills and squashing Baby C!

Look out! Biscuit attack!

New blanket for Baby C – a little bit of secret knitting that didn’t get blogged about. I like how it turned out, and he seems to be a fan as well.

New blankie

We ate. A lot.

Thanksgiving feast

We had pie. An extra lot!

Pecan, Chocolate, Pumpkin. With a side of homemade whipped cream.

On Saturday we had our awesome Race for the Pie! We were joined by some of GP’s family from the eastern part of North Carolina, and his cousin Suz beat us all in the race. I was very pleased with how I did, finishing in 24:38, a big improvement over my last official 5k (26:23 was the old time). Everyone got a finisher’s medal, which was a hand-print turkey made by Coco with my assistance. Most of them broke or lost their googly eyes (goopy eyes, as Coco calls them) by the end of the day. Oh well. We are also decked out in our family color-coded T-shirts made by Jan!

Ignore how bad we look. We just ran a race, for goodness’ sakes!

The best part of the day, though, was watching Coco play with A, who is 7 or so months younger. They were hilarious in all respects. They even had their own little fun run which was full of awkward movements and flailing arms from both girls while Coco ran on her tiptoes the entire way.

100 ft Toddler Fun Run

All in all, it was a great holiday and a much needed break for both me and GP. And although it’s sad to see family leave, it’s nice to be back to our regular routine. Until tomorrow, when my mom comes in for a visit!

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