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Dear Biscuit, on your 3rd birthday

15 Aug

Yes, it has been a year since I last posted, but I wanted to at least keep these birthday letters going. 

Dear Biscuit,



Somehow the past year has flown by and you are 3 years old! You are a little boy with solid opinions, a Sheldon-like favorite seat on the couch, and a generally sweet disposition laced with a naughty streak. This year you have gone from talking in sentences to carrying out conversations; from diapers to going to the bathroom by yourself; from needing help with most things to doing them by yourself; from napping to quiet time.

Look at these muscles!

Look at these muscles!

The time we didn't have to put the crib back together at 4 am.

The time we didn’t have to put the crib back together at 4 am.

Speaking of that last point, you now sleep in toddler bed and have quiet time in your room instead of in the crib.The first time we tried a real bed, several months ago, went well for about 3 days. Then one night I woke up at about 4 am to find you playing in your floor with all the lights on in your room. Needless to say, we put your crib back together that night and didn’t try again for a few months. Now, however, you’re getting the hang of staying in bed all night. Quiet time, however, has been another adventure all together. It doesn’t always go over so well (meaning you come out of your room about 50 times in 7.5 minutes to talk to us or ask for help). But it is getting better! Except for those days that you really need a nap and don’t take one, then wind up falling asleep on the couch at 5 pm.

Failed attempt to skip nap #47

Failed attempt to skip nap #47

Coco loves playing with you and snuggling with you (most of the time) and you sure love to play with her! The two of you come up with some crazy games and schemes, and usually you just go along with whatever Coco suggests. Her love of pretend play has rubbed off on you, and we often have to run around the house pursued by whatever superhero or bad guy you are being at the moment. Generally you pretend to be Spiderman or Harry Potter, while we either be a bad guy or a Dementor.

Every boy needs a tractor. Even if only for a day.

Every boy needs a tractor. Even if only for a day.

Still, you often like to play on your own, bouncing balls around the playroom or reading books, or building towers out of legos. While most of your play is active movement, you still have a creative streak when it comes to stacking and building.

Who needs toys when you have packing materials?

Who needs toys when you have packing materials?

You know all your letters by sight and can count really well, with an extra number or two thrown in there to keep it fun (eleventeen and twelveteen should definitely be real numbers), and you enjoy singing us your favorite songs. Singing comes in 2 varieties: pretty and sweet, or loud and more loud.

For some reason you really love to pull the chain on the lamp

For some reason you really love to pull the chain on the lamp

My favorite part though? You are still just as cuddly as you’ve ever been.

Still love to snuggle

Still love to snuggle

In keeping with tradition, let’s cover your favorites from the past year!

Foods – Bread (you subscribe to a very high carb diet), cereal (you would eat it for every meal if I let you), pasta carbonara, and cheese. Cheese by itself, cheese on other things, and a side serving of cheese.

Oh, you asked me to smile? Here.

Oh, you asked me to smile? Here.

Movies/TV – Like last year, your sister has some influence over what you want to watch, including things like Tinkerbell, My Little Pony, and Strange Magic. But you also still really like The Incredibles and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Surprisingly (or not – you are my son after all) your favorite parts of the Harry Potter movies you’ve seen are the scary parts. Like the giant spiders and the basilisk. You never once got scared, and you will specifically ask to watch those scenes.

Mouth full of Easter candy

Mouth full of Easter candy

Riding like a champ

Riding like a champ

Toys –you’ve grown pretty attached to Twinkie lately (he was your Daddy’s toy as a boy) and sleep with him or play with him most days; Nana gave you a sword for your birthday and it has hardly left your side since then; you also love to play with any type of ball from soccer balls to bouncy balls. We can play catch with you for hours!

The serious tough guy face

The serious tough guy face

Activities – swimming, building with legos, reading, pretending to get rid of all the Dementors with your magic wand (which is really just a pencil), and riding your bike round out your favorite activities at home. You also love going to playgrounds and the Children’s museum, where you enjoy climbing everything in sight.

Happy birthday, buddy! Sorry you spent most of it in the car!

Happy birthday, buddy! Sorry you spent most of it in the car!

We love you, Buddy (don’t call you sweetie!) and look forward to seeing how much you grow and change this coming year!

Love always,



Biscuit’s Blanket

14 Aug


I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see how this turned out. Truth be told, I kind of was too! My goal was to have it finished by his second birthday, and I cut it pretty close to the wire. As in, I wove in the last ends and trimmed them off the night before his birthday. So now he has a sweet blanket that he can’t use for several more months because we live in the South and it’s summer and there is absolutely no need for wool in the summer.



At the start I had planned on knitting a bunch of mitered squares and then sewing them together when I had enough. Fortunately, Katie convinced me to just pick up and knit each square, which probably saved me time and helped me meet my goal. Each square was a pretty quick knit, but man, it was a boring project.

When I finally finished, I did a little finagling to get the edges all lined up, then did 2 rows of single crochet around the edges to make it really finished. During the process I was afraid it would turn out a bit too purple, but the colors blended really nicely and I am pleased with the finished result.




The important thing is that Biscuit likes it! I couldn’t work on it in front of him, or he would insist on having it draped on him or wrapped around him. I took it on our trip to the beach, and didn’t get to work on it the entire car ride, because it was tucked around his little legs while he swung them happily and patted his belly, smiling about “my own blanket.” Hopefully he gets lots of use out of it this winter, either keeping him warm in bed or wrapped around him in the car for the trip to school on cold days.



Started: September 20, 2013

Finished: July 11, 2014 (Hey! Less than a year!)

Yarn: Knit Picks Worsted Chroma, colorway Rainbow; Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted, colorway Cloud


Dear Biscuit, on your second birthday

4 Aug

Dear Biscuit,

Somehow, another year has passed and you have moved from toddlerhood to little boyhood, and it is an exciting and occasionally alarming stage in our house. Although you are no longer a baby, you are still cuddly and loving; rarely do I get a chance to sit down without you (or your sister) climbing into my lap. I love it!

Never a dull moment!

This past year you have gone from walking to running and jumping, galloping, and attempting to do forward rolls. The last one still eludes you, but you have reached a high level of proficiency in the rest. In fact, the only times you are really still and quiet are when you are sleeping. Which, I might add, has improved leaps and bounds! At some point this year you finally started sleeping past 5 am! Now you reliably sleep to past 6, which is a miracle, and you wake up happy – no more standing in bed yelling for Mama to come get you immediately.

Yes, rocks need hugs too.

If you aren’t actively moving and running around the house, you are probably playing. Toys are still a big part of your life, but you also love playing with Coco and tend to chase her around the house. Whether this is something she enjoys or despises varies from day to day, but you always love to chase!

You like to “help” bake.

Not only are you active in body, but your little brain has been really developing this year. You can speak in full sentences (although it’s still a language that only we can understand), recite your ABCs (you tend to get hung up on K – H I J KKKKKKKKKK L M N….), identify a few colors, and count to 10 pretty reliably.

Playing in the leaves was a fall favorite.


Look at you go!

Pretend play and imagination is big right now, and you continually tell us that you are a superhero; your favorites are Superman, Captain America, and Mr. Incredible. Thanks to your daddy’s influence, you are also a budding fan of the Ninja Turtles, or the Ninna Tuddas, as you call them.

Deep in thought.

In January of this past year you started daycare a few days a week. I’m not sure who it was more rough on, me or you! After 18 months of hanging out with you everyday I was sad to not have you around! It took awhile, but we’ve both adjusted, and now you happily roll into class and are starting to make some friends at school. You are learning to share and not steal, and, although we are having a problem with pinching lately, you always tell us you are sorry when you do.

Snack time!

I don’t know who you get this from (yes I do, but it’s not nice to point fingers) but you are a flirt! You do this super adorable thing, mostly when around girls, where you cock your head to the side, smile a little closed-mouth smile, and batt your eyelashes. Once you’ve caught her attention, you either smile bigger and wave, saying “hewwo!” or you laugh and run away. You’ll be a heartbreaker, my boy.

See, more baking “help”

There are some definite favorite things in your life:
Books – The Three Little Pigs, Curious George – I am so tired of reading these books that I’m tempted to hide them

I have no idea what this was about.

Food – Pasta, mac and cheese, quesadillas, peanut butter sandwiches, chicken, pizza, and cheese. Lots of cheese. You aren’t picky in general, but veggies can be a challenge, and usually get left on the plate.

Somehow, you both still fit in there!

Movies – Frozen (your sister has a little influence in the movie choices, but you always, always, ask for Frozen first) and The Incredibles. You also enjoy some TV shows on occasion: Little Einsteins, Daniel Tiger, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It’s a hard life for a little guy.

Toys – You never connected to a toy the way Coco has to Douglas, for which I am grateful. But you do love your Pirate Ship, Coco’s Anna doll (from Frozen), cars and trucks, and playing catch.

Recently you’ve gone through a shirt-hating phase.

Activities – Playing with the water table, swimming, blowing bubbles, drawing, and chasing everyone around the house, including the cat. You love to ask us to “be Marshmallow” (also from Frozen, do you see a theme?) and then we chase you around the house too. Basically, we do a lot of chasing.

Shoulders, Daddy, shoulders!

All in all, it has been a wonderful year, full of changes and fun. We all love you and adore you, and I hope that, as you grow, you never lose your sense of wonder or your love of cuddles.

Happy birthday, Little Man,



In which I ramble about, uh, stuff

22 Apr

Okay kids! Let me tell you a little bit about what’s been going on lately. In the form of a list, because I love lists, lists are good.

1. We bought a house! A real, honest to goodness house with a yard and a dining room and a bathroom where GP and I can both brush our teeth at the same time without accidentally spitting on each other. Closing is on May 30 and will move in almost immediately after that. We actually moved the closing date up by 2 weeks because we cannot stand to stay in our current place any longer. I mean, I don’t mind sharing my house with my cat and my dog, but I really don’t like sharing with an unknown amount of mice. That’s just nasty.

2. I got new yarn to work on Biscuit’s baby blanket. Maybe I should start calling it something other than his baby blanket, though. My goal is to finish it before he turns 2….Hopefully it will not be too small to cover him by then. If it is, too bad. I’m putting it on him anyway. A wool blanket in summer? Probably better if it only covers his feet anyway.

3. I ran myself a half marathon on the 13th and did pretty dang good! Finished in 1:57:07, which is a PR by over 2 minutes! Not bad considering I only had about 5 weeks to train for it because I am slightly wacko. I ran with a friend of mine (@sassysparky on Twitter) and she beat me by about 5 seconds. The course was pretty hilly, but my legs eat hills for breakfast, followed by waffles with peanut butter. Still, it was a lot of fun, and I might consider doing it again next year (or the full, if I am feeling even crazier).  Now that I’ve completed both of my running goals for 2014 (that was fast) I have to come up with something new to strive for.

4. So I’ve started doing pushups again. Started yesterday, and I think it was a bad idea. Arms sore. Baby heavy.

5. I should really work on not calling Biscuit a baby anymore.

6. Spring is finally here! The only thing that could be better is if we just jumped right in to summer and stayed there FOREVER!

Okay, that’s all I got. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

A blanket for Biscuit

8 Oct

Well, I finally got my act together and starting knitting a baby blanket for my not-so-little baby. I mean, winter is coming and all that. By which I mean it has been in the 80s the past few days but there is the chance that one day it might get below 60. Maybe.



I am using the rest of the yarn from the POP! blanket, because I accidentally ordered twice as much as needed! Since I don’t want to knit the same blanket twice I decided to go for a mitered blanket. I’ve wanted to knit one for forever, and I think the variegated colors with the white will look spectacular in stripes

Oooo, gradient!

Oooo, gradient!

I managed to knit 2 squares, then got sidetracked by a crochet project, then got lazy and kind of forgot to knit for awhile. Oops. At this rate he’ll have a baby blanket by the time he heads off to college.

Dear Biscuit, on your first birthday

13 Jul

Dear Biscuit,

Friday was your first birthday! I can’t believe you’ve been with us for an entire year. What a year it has been. You are full of joy and energy and never give us a dull moment.

At 10 months you took your first shaky steps. By 11 months you were walking on your own but still crawling some. Now you don’t bother crawling. Ever. However, you’re a big ol’ mama’s boy and want me to carry you around a good amount of the time. Not that I mind.

Who needs a swimsuit? Clothes are just fine.

You love the water – big pool, baby pool, bathtub, water hose, water table. If it contains or sprays water, you are all about it.

Some favorites:

Toys –

  • The truck – push it, sit on it, throw it on the ground.
  • Bowls and spoons – Now, you don’t play them like drums, you like to bang on the inside of the bowl. Hey, kid, whatever makes you happy!
  • The vacuum cleaner. Every time we pull this out you push it around the house. You chase us while we vacuum, and we sort of have to nudge you out of the way so that we can vacuum under you.

Hoover! I haven’t seen you in at least a day!

Friends –

  • You adore Coco. If she leaves the room, you follow her. If she plays with a toy (or laundry basket), you want in on it.
  • The boy next door. He’s just about your age, and y’all play together often. Both of you get so excited to see each other.

It’s made for 2, right?

  •  Clark – This dog puts up with so much from you! He gets chased, hugged, squashed, and frequently has to give up his bed because you are stealing it for your own devices.

Just hanging with my bud.

Foods –

  • Ummm… all of them? The only food you have ever rejected is grits. I haven’t tried them since, but I have the feeling you would eat cheese grits if I offered them.

First words – 

  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Turtle
  • Bye bye is starting to emerge
  • I think you have learned how to say Bite. This is sad.

Here, let me help you procrastinate.

Random tidbits –

  • You have had 3 haircuts. This is 3 more than Cora has had. I like to keep your hair long in what I consider a Beatles-esque look. Your dad refers to it as Beiber-esque. One day you’ll have to look up one of those references. It better be the latter or I have failed you.
  • Underneath your sweet demeanor is a bit of a temper. If you can’t get a toy to cooperate, or if you are tired, you throw it as hard as you can! Daddy is proud of your throwing arm, but not your temper.
  • I love you, but you are a biter. Seriously. Fortunately, you reserve your bites for me, and they’re a misplaced expression of love and excitement more than anything else. Still, your 6 (!) teeth really hurt!

You have certainly given us some trials this year (like, the whole not sleeping through the night until you were 11 months old thing), but it’s so easy to forgive you when you smile.

Mmmm! Birthday cake!

We love you so much, and are excited to see how much you will learn and change in the next year.



Busy, Tired, Active

17 May

Those are the three words I would use to describe the last month.


The weather has turned nice so we have been spending more time out and about – going to the park, playing with neighborhood kids, going to the museum.

We have a little raised garden plot in our backyard and Coco and I planted some flower seeds in it. There are also 2 tomato plants growing now! We didn’t plant a full garden because, surprise surprise, we are moving again.

Really, if you have followed this blog for awhile you would seriously think we just love to move. Truth is, we hate it. But, we are moving to a place that will cut GP’s hour long commute down to about 15 minutes. And since my commute currently consists of walking down the stairs, this is a pretty good deal. We will miss our friends and neighborhood, but we will be in a much better place commute-wise and stress-wise.


Biscuit has been teething, which in his case means waking up all night long. He goes to sleep on his own now, thanks to a few weeks of sleep training, but this waking up all the time is driving me nuts. Looks like this tooth (his 4th) should cut through any day now, so hopefully he’ll be back to good sleeping soon. I could sure use it.


GP and I spend our tax returns on really glamourous things. One year we bought a new vacuum. This year we bought a double jogging stroller. Both, while maybe being a bit lame, were some great investments. Since getting the stroller in late February, the kids and I have run a total of 74.25 miles in it! Coco and Biscuit both love it, except when they start picking on each other. One or the other will fall asleep for part of the run, and on Friday both of them fell asleep!

Not only do they like riding in it, Coco likes to push Biscuit and her toy around, jogging behind it and saying that she’s going on a run like Mama. She’ll also just push her toys around while I carry Biscuit. It’s really adorable either way.

Biscuit is speed crawling all over the place, standing everywhere, and starting to cruise around holding on to the couch, the windowsill, and our hands. He’ll be walking before we know it, which will add a whole new dimension to the word Active around here!


What, that’s not in the title? So okay. This post has been sitting around for a week waiting for pictures. Clearly I am not going to upload pictures at this point, so I promise a nice post with some okay-quality pictures next time. Today we are baking pink lemonade cupcakes, so if that turns out well I’ll share.

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