Chocolate, anyone?

26 Jun

Hey y’all! Guess what? We’re going on vacation! We leave tomorrow, and since I didn’t want to either leave any pie uneaten, or go full out glutton and eat an entire pie in a day, I did not make a pie this week. I know, I know, 3 weeks and I’m already failing. Instead, for those of you who really need a cold treat and love chocolate, I give you this old post, from February of 2012. Yes, we ate frozen pies in February back then. We lived in southern Louisiana, where winter is a mythical season that only exists in the far away places. 

How I spent my day off


I had a nice and relaxing day off. I managed to sleep in a little, mainly because Coco had a rough night and needed to sleep in herself. Then I shipped her off to daycare and got to work.

I finished the fronts of my sweater and started the left sleeve. I gave myself a nice manicure, and I sewed a few hexagons for a quilt top. I also made some pie.

It’s a Paula Deen recipe, so you know it’s anything but healthy – Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie. But it is certainly delicious!  You whip up all this chocolate mousse, which takes forever because it’s a quart of heavy cream and 3 cups of powdered sugar folded into the chocolate.

Then you’re supposed to fit all that mousse into a single 9 inch pie crust. Really?

Really really? This bowl is about 3/4 full with mousse, and it’s supposed to fit in that little pie crust? How, exactly, does that work? I mean I know you can fit a lot of fluffy stuff in a pie crust, and this is supposed to be piled high, but I think a pie that comes 4 inches above the edge of the crust is a bit extreme.

I made two pies. One is half eaten, the other is in the freezer, just waiting its turn next to the ice cream sandwiches.

One Response to “Chocolate, anyone?”

  1. katrina June 26, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    You should re-do this one. Simply because I want to come eat it.


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