Let’s talk about this new house, shall we?

23 May

There have been a few things really taking up most of the space in my mind lately; the clear and easy winner is:

The New House


Behold! The future dwelling of 2 quasi-adults, 2 insane children, a misanthropic cat, and a dog with very short legs.

Very little other things have taken much of my spare thoughts from the house, except for most recently, when I’ve been distracted by baking pies and making ice cream. All about the desserts over here.

There are many reasons we are ready to get out of our current abode, which are being enumerated on twitter in no particular order and certainly in no numerical order. One day I will figure out how to get them all together and post them on here, but not yet, as that requires some sort of internet sorcery that I have yet to master. Regardless, the absolute hands down number 1 reason we are so incredibly ready to move is:

No More Landlords.

Since graduating from high school many moons ago we have lived in college housing and rental properties. Not always together, mind you! We didn’t even start dating until 2 weeks before I graduated from college and moved halfway across the country. Great timing, right? Long distance is definitely the way to start a new relationship, let me tell ya!

I digress.

We close on the new house in 1 week, if the bank gets all the paper work processed in time, which they just better, because we signed the contract 6 weeks ago and they are dragging their feet and I have bigger things to worry about than if other people are doing their jobs my heartburn can’t take it anymore! Whew, lets all take a nice relaxing breath, shall we?

Okay, better now.

Something about owning our own place makes us feel like real adults. Getting to paint the rooms, changing the carpet if you don’t like it, hanging pictures and curtains wherever you want without fear of putting new holes in the walls. It’s pretty great to think about! We are hoping to stay there for a very very long time, if not forever, but I personally have a hard time thinking about it. Having lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle since leaving high school, I find it hard to imagine living in one place more than a few years. I find myself thinking “oh, we should buy such and such a piece of furniture for the new place” followed by “why bother, we’ll just be moving again in a few years.” Then I remind myself that we hopefully won’t be moving again in a few years, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like I have a block that won’t let me imagine life more than 3 years in the future. Is that just me? Do other people have that problem too? Maybe it’s a science nomad thing? Please tell me I’m not just a weirdo. Well, any more a weirdo than I already know myself to be.

Some other things we are really looking forward to include: a yard, a playroom for the kids, a real kitchen with a pantry and granite countertops, new appliances, a master bath that is bigger than a closet, actual closet space, a garage. Let’s not forget we are more than doubling the square footage from our current place. That’s just the broad overview.

So, the next week will be filled with packing and cleaning and throwing out anything we don’t want to take with us. And probably making some more ice cream. And maybe another pie before we box up our kitchen.



2 Responses to “Let’s talk about this new house, shall we?”

  1. katrina May 23, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    Nope, you’re just a weirdo. We’re sooo excited for you guys. You can just send the kids into that HUGE playroom and go bake pies. I’m sure you’ll have sleeping bags in there in no time.

  2. Patty May 27, 2014 at 8:21 am #

    Congrats on the house, really pretty, is your mom coming to help with the


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