Autumn’s arrival

9 Nov
October 28

October 28

I really really love the fall, for several reasons. The first is that I love wearing all my hand knit sweaters and socks. The second, and bigger reason, is all the colors. The colors of fall – the reds, oranges, and browns – are my favorite colors. Plus, my birthday is in the fall.

Anyway, when the weather first started changing and the leaves showed the first hint of non-green colors I had this idea: I would take a picture of the tree in front of our house every  week  and document the changes as a weekly blog feature. Well, that didn’t work out. Rather than changing in a nice, slow manner, the tree, pictured above, went quickly. See up there? There are a few patches of a lovely orange shade on the tips. It’s a bit fuzzy, sorry.

Fast forward 2 days and the orange has really spread down the branches.

October 30

October 30

By the next day there was hardly any green to be seen. The tree behind it, though, had just started to turn a bright yellow.

October 31

October 31

By Nov 2 the leaves were going for a burnt orange kind of look. Not such a great color, there.

November 2

November 2

The very next day all these lovely leaves had jumped ship and we were left with branches. This picture was taken in the morning; by the afternoon there were only a handful of leaves left.

November 3

November 3

So there you have it. Fall already came and passed according to our front yard tree. There’s plenty more to be seen, though, so if you enjoy pictures of pretty trees – like, say, you live somewhere that doesn’t really have a fall (coughTEXAScough) – keep reading. If you think trees are boring, then just scroll to the bottom for a cute picture of Coco.

2013-10-31 17.58.13


See, this is why I love North Carolina. We didn’t have fall growing up in Texas, and in southern Louisiana some leaves didn’t change. At all. On deciduous trees. Ever.


One of my running trails

If you follow me on twitter you probably saw this next one already.

2013-11-01 13.54.53

Side of our house

Yesterday afternoon we spent some quality family time making leaf piles and jumping in them. I am almost 32 years old, and yesterday with my kids was my first experience jumping into a leaf pile! GP thought that was weird until I reminded him that I grew up in the country in Texas. We didn’t rake leaves. Didn’t even need to, because the wind blew them all away.

Her first time jumping into the leaves.

Her first time jumping into the leaves.

I hope, if you are still reading this, that you are enjoying your fall as much as we are!



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