Random running talk

24 Oct

It’s been awhile since I talked about running on the blog, likely because I haven’t had any races this past year. Plus, just when I start to get into a nice groove, Biscuit decides that sleep is for losers and that he and I should just give it up. And while I don’t mind waking up at 5 am when I mean to, I really despise it when the alarm is a crying baby.

At the beginning of the year I had set a goal to run 777 miles in 2013. Random number, I suppose, but 7 is my favorite number and it should have been easily achievable except for some set backs. Like 1) the aforementioned lack of sleep, 2) I smashed my foot with a falling double garage door and did serious damage to my big toe (like, ripped off the nail and had major swelling), 3) we travelled a lot this summer! Instead of falling short of my goal and feeling all bad and mad I decided to rewrite it. Now I’m shooting for 650 miles, which I will make barring any other injuries or oddities. As of yesterday I had run 508 out of 650 (78%), and there are still 2 months left in the year!

Most of the spring and summer I had this view while running:

Yes, it’s blurry. I took it while running!

Not too shabby! I enjoy pushing these guys, except when they decided to fight with each other, or when Biscuit decides to throw his toys out of the stroller. Every. Other. Step. And then scream when I stop giving him the toy back. Sigh. Since purchasing in February I have put 130.14 miles on it. And hey, the other day a passing runner called me a badass when he saw me and my 65 lbs of kids!

My favorite runs are my weekend long runs. Part of what I really love about running is taking in the scenery and seeing new neighborhoods. I did some trail running a few weeks ago and found that, although I thought I would love trail running, I really like street running better. Go figure.

Last weekend I ran through the fancy shmancy Country Club area, and snapped a picture of this ridiculous congregation of water hazards. If I were golfing that course, I’d just go ahead and drop near the water. I’d never make it over with my slice.

Water hazards!

Water hazards!

So, this is really a pretty boring post, huh? On Saturday the whole family will be doing a 5k. GP says he is going to run with me instead of at his own pace (dang long legs make him much faster, even though I’m the runner in this family!) so I think I will make him push the kids. That way, even though he is running slower than normal, he can still get in a really good workout. I’m only looking out for his health.



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