Figgy Figgy

23 Sep

Okay, so. Life has been good lately, with not a lot to report. Now that our summer travels are over we haven’t been doing much except going about our everyday lives and trying to regain some sense of normalcy.

Oh, and trying our best to get Biscuit to sleep past 5 am. The caffeine consumption at our house is outrageous in the mornings, let me tell ya.

Anyway, I did do this one thing about a month ago. I had noticed before that there are some fig trees in our neighborhood. After speaking to one of our neighbors I found out that they don’t really belong to anyone and we are free to pick the figs as we please. In fact, said neighbor had made fig preserves with some just the weekend before.

Now, ain’t that a great idea? So what do you think I did? I made jam, and I will show you below with really poor quality pictures.

First I picked a bunch of figs while making my children watch me with faces full of boredom.


Wonderfully artistic picture, there.

Then, when the kids finally went down for nap time, I cut them up.


This picture is only slightly better.

Next I threw them in a pan with some lime juice (didn’t have lemon on hand), some pectin and a lot of sugar.


Yes, I used a non-stick wok. Don’t judge me.

Step four was to pour it into jars, then put them in a hot water bath.


See? Had to use the wok so I could do a water bath here.

Take ’em out and listen for the pop! to know they sealed. Which they did because I have so much canning experience. AKA, I have made jelly once and canned some pear preserves at some point, bringing my prior canning experience up to 2.


Ohh, pretty!

I did manage to show some patience and let it cool down some before I spread it on some toast. And hey, I gotta say this stuff is pretty good!


Another terrible picture, but yum!

All told it took me about an hour to make these here jars of jam. We have eaten 2, and even Coco, who refuses to eat most fruits, has declared it delicious. I highly suspect that is because of the sugar content, and has nothing at all to do with the figs.

Now, if by some chance you have suffered through these horrible pictures, thank you. I shall reward you by attempting to post more often, because what is the point of having a blog if I only post once a month? I’m shooting for once a week, and I shall regale you very soon with thrilling tales of my smooshed toe, finally starting on Biscuit’s baby blanket, and how my running is going.

One last thing – I have a real life job interview on the 30th, and a potential job offer in the works. Just so you know.



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