Dear Coco, on your 3rd birthday

11 Aug

Dear Coco,

Ok. I know. Your birthday was over 2 weeks ago, and I am just getting around to writing you. I can’t help it. I procrastinate. You probably inherited this quality. Sorry about that.

Say cheese? No, say Cupcake!

As a now 3 year old you are, well, lets see….Imaginative, smart, fun, creative, sweet, charming, funny, and a bunch of other adjectives. You love to play and in this past year you have figured out how to play by yourself. Recently you and Biscuit have been playing together some, and I am hopeful that one day such playing won’t end in tears or time out.

Tea party for two

Lately you have gained an imaginary friend – a blue dragon named Brave. He accompanies us a lot of places, and once you got mad at Biscuit for playing with him. You also have 3 other imaginary friends, Tilly, Dilly, and Nilly, who live on our porch. They don’t come out to play too much.

For awhile you refused to be called by your actual name. Instead you would only answer to a name from a movie or book or someone we just met at the park and would get really mad when we called you something else. You still have moments like that, and will introduce yourself to complete strangers as Rapunzel or Violet or Cinderella. We just roll with it.

In about 5 minutes you will both be soaked through.

I love how much you love your family and your favorite toys. Nothing makes us happier than random “I love yous” and kisses. Snuggling still makes up a large part of our days, and one of my (and your) favorite times of the day is Mama/Coco time. This is when Biscuit takes his morning nap. You and I snuggle and read books until he wakes up. Sometimes, if he is playing really well on his own in the afternoon, we get a bonus Mama/Coco time. You love it.

Now, you have always been a talker and had an exceptional vocabulary, but this year it has really developed. Not only do you correctly use words like “therefore” and “obstinate”, but you also have a complex vocabulary of words that are completely made up. I think there may be 2 made up words for every 1 actual word. These words get used even more when you are “reading” to yourself.

Look, Mama! Big splashes!

Sadly, you gave up your nap sometime around the holidays. Now you just have quiet time in your room, which generally involves you and Douglas excitedly reading books and playing with other toys. About once or twice a week you will actually fall asleep and take a nap, but mostly you just play happily.

M and M cake!

So, here are some of your latest favorites:

Movies: Cinderella (I am soooo tired of Cinderella), The Incredibles, you also enjoy a few TV shows now (which you call watching a channel)


Foods: Pasta, rice dishes, cheese sticks, mac and cheese, vegetables, and chicken nuggets. You will finally eat some fruits, and you are getting more and more open to suggestions. And you love M&M’s and cake.


Activities: reading, playing with the water table, swimming, riding your bike, baking with me


Toys: Douglas, books, cooking gear so you can pretend you are baking, any sort of puppy anything, and of course your invisible friends and invisible toys. 


Friends: N and S are still your favorites, even though we don’t see them as much since we moved.

It’s a 15 Puppy! (aka, dalmation)

You are our little sweetheart, and we all love you very much! Happy birthday, and here’s to many more to come!






One Response to “Dear Coco, on your 3rd birthday”

  1. Dany December 29, 2014 at 11:58 am #

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appeociatirn.


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