Dear Biscuit, on your first birthday

13 Jul

Dear Biscuit,

Friday was your first birthday! I can’t believe you’ve been with us for an entire year. What a year it has been. You are full of joy and energy and never give us a dull moment.

At 10 months you took your first shaky steps. By 11 months you were walking on your own but still crawling some. Now you don’t bother crawling. Ever. However, you’re a big ol’ mama’s boy and want me to carry you around a good amount of the time. Not that I mind.

Who needs a swimsuit? Clothes are just fine.

You love the water – big pool, baby pool, bathtub, water hose, water table. If it contains or sprays water, you are all about it.

Some favorites:

Toys –

  • The truck – push it, sit on it, throw it on the ground.
  • Bowls and spoons – Now, you don’t play them like drums, you like to bang on the inside of the bowl. Hey, kid, whatever makes you happy!
  • The vacuum cleaner. Every time we pull this out you push it around the house. You chase us while we vacuum, and we sort of have to nudge you out of the way so that we can vacuum under you.

Hoover! I haven’t seen you in at least a day!

Friends –

  • You adore Coco. If she leaves the room, you follow her. If she plays with a toy (or laundry basket), you want in on it.
  • The boy next door. He’s just about your age, and y’all play together often. Both of you get so excited to see each other.

It’s made for 2, right?

  •  Clark – This dog puts up with so much from you! He gets chased, hugged, squashed, and frequently has to give up his bed because you are stealing it for your own devices.

Just hanging with my bud.

Foods –

  • Ummm… all of them? The only food you have ever rejected is grits. I haven’t tried them since, but I have the feeling you would eat cheese grits if I offered them.

First words – 

  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Turtle
  • Bye bye is starting to emerge
  • I think you have learned how to say Bite. This is sad.

Here, let me help you procrastinate.

Random tidbits –

  • You have had 3 haircuts. This is 3 more than Cora has had. I like to keep your hair long in what I consider a Beatles-esque look. Your dad refers to it as Beiber-esque. One day you’ll have to look up one of those references. It better be the latter or I have failed you.
  • Underneath your sweet demeanor is a bit of a temper. If you can’t get a toy to cooperate, or if you are tired, you throw it as hard as you can! Daddy is proud of your throwing arm, but not your temper.
  • I love you, but you are a biter. Seriously. Fortunately, you reserve your bites for me, and they’re a misplaced expression of love and excitement more than anything else. Still, your 6 (!) teeth really hurt!

You have certainly given us some trials this year (like, the whole not sleeping through the night until you were 11 months old thing), but it’s so easy to forgive you when you smile.

Mmmm! Birthday cake!

We love you so much, and are excited to see how much you will learn and change in the next year.





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