4 Jun

DISCLAIMER: If you’re about to have a baby, like, by the end of the month, I strongly urge you to look away. If you don’t, you will either ruin your own surprise, or be really upset when you find out this isn’t for you. Just so you know.

Well. This should have taken much less time, but I’ll be honest and admit that the charm of knitting these little squares was soon overruled by the tediousness. Still, I powered through and knit the final square on Saturday.

Sunday I lightly steam blocked the individual squares and realized I had messed up the white portion of two. So, after reknitting and then blocking those I was finally able to get an idea of how this thing is going to look.

I laid out the squares. Rearranged. Rearranged some more. Swapped places. Finally took a picture not only for the blog, but to remember how I like them laid out. Then I stacked them in what appeared to be a logical manner but will probably just wind up confusing me.

Now to seam all 20 blocks together by some method I’ve never done before then give the thing one last wet block. I’ve got just about 4 weeks. This is doable, even for my lazy self.


2 Responses to “Layout”

  1. katiedid June 4, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    So cute! I love the white outline with the bright colors.

    • Gena June 4, 2013 at 9:03 am #

      Thanks! I like how the rainbow colors keeps it from being too girly.


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