Busy, Tired, Active

17 May

Those are the three words I would use to describe the last month.


The weather has turned nice so we have been spending more time out and about – going to the park, playing with neighborhood kids, going to the museum.

We have a little raised garden plot in our backyard and Coco and I planted some flower seeds in it. There are also 2 tomato plants growing now! We didn’t plant a full garden because, surprise surprise, we are moving again.

Really, if you have followed this blog for awhile you would seriously think we just love to move. Truth is, we hate it. But, we are moving to a place that will cut GP’s hour long commute down to about 15 minutes. And since my commute currently consists of walking down the stairs, this is a pretty good deal. We will miss our friends and neighborhood, but we will be in a much better place commute-wise and stress-wise.


Biscuit has been teething, which in his case means waking up all night long. He goes to sleep on his own now, thanks to a few weeks of sleep training, but this waking up all the time is driving me nuts. Looks like this tooth (his 4th) should cut through any day now, so hopefully he’ll be back to good sleeping soon. I could sure use it.


GP and I spend our tax returns on really glamourous things. One year we bought a new vacuum. This year we bought a double jogging stroller. Both, while maybe being a bit lame, were some great investments. Since getting the stroller in late February, the kids and I have run a total of 74.25 miles in it! Coco and Biscuit both love it, except when they start picking on each other. One or the other will fall asleep for part of the run, and on Friday both of them fell asleep!

Not only do they like riding in it, Coco likes to push Biscuit and her toy around, jogging behind it and saying that she’s going on a run like Mama. She’ll also just push her toys around while I carry Biscuit. It’s really adorable either way.

Biscuit is speed crawling all over the place, standing everywhere, and starting to cruise around holding on to the couch, the windowsill, and our hands. He’ll be walking before we know it, which will add a whole new dimension to the word Active around here!


What, that’s not in the title? So okay. This post has been sitting around for a week waiting for pictures. Clearly I am not going to upload pictures at this point, so I promise a nice post with some okay-quality pictures next time. Today we are baking pink lemonade cupcakes, so if that turns out well I’ll share.


One Response to “Busy, Tired, Active”

  1. Kristen May 23, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    Let me know if you need help moving!


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