8 months

10 Mar

Dear Biscuit,

It is incredibly hard to believe that you are 8 months old. You are a happy and smiling baby; people are always commenting on your wonderful smile, how happy you are and how your spirit is contagious.

Happy Baby

Happy baby

At 3 months you started rolling from back to front. By 4 months you had mastered both ways, and by 5 months you had started the army crawl. Crawling has commenced, but after a few “steps” you tend to fall on your face and resort back to the scooting. You can sit on your own, but you far prefer to be mobile! The newest development in your repertoire of hobbies is standing. Oh, how you love to use our hands for leverage and stand, jump, bounce, or dance to your heart’s content!

2013-01-31 13.53.47

Mobility is great for you, scary for me!

You also love toys so much that you turn into a sad blubbering mess when you drop yours. Fortunately, your sister is quite helpful in retrieving them. She makes you laugh and giggle more than anyone else and you both seem to adore each other! The two of you enjoy playing peek-a-boo, riding together in the stroller, and fighting for the right to sit in our laps.

2013-01-04 15.29.14

Sometimes you try your best not to fall asleep while playing

My running buddies

My running buddies

Much like your parents, you love to eat! The only food that you have downright refused is grits, which confuses both me and your sister, as we thoroughly enjoy them. Slowly you are starting to eat finger foods, which will hopefully lead to less of this:

2013-02-01 17.36.23

Food face!

Whatever you have in store next, I am sure you will surprise us. We both look forward to watching you develop and learn, helping you along the way as we can.

Swinging and smiling

Swinging and smiling

Love always,



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