Just slow down there!

30 Jan

Is it just me, or did January basically fly by? Granted, we were out of town for a week, then sick for a week, but the other 2 weeks almost seemed non-existent! I can’t seem to get a handle on where time has gone, what I’ve been doing, what needs to be done (like, the house needs cleaning, but I’m blogging instead). 

Here’s what I do know:

I launched the Etsy store on Saturday! It is oh-so-cleverely named Stitched By Gena. I’ll put a shop widget in the sidebar soon.

So far I’ve had one order, which was to my cousin and was prearranged before the launch anyway. I’m not sure that counts. I’m giving it about 3 months, and if nothing happens I’m calling it quits. It takes a surprising amount of energy to come up with things to list, making sure you’ve cited all your sources, and coming up with original patterns/ideas when needed. Between the kids, the house, and my sanity, I’m not entirely sure I’m up to the challenge. 

One item I listed was something I made back in, oh, December.



It is the Double-Bordered scarf with Diamond Borders, from Victorian Lace Today. (Too lazy to link up there). Looks easy, and the pattern is pretty easy, but it’s kind of odd. You only knit the pattern for half the row, then you knit the knit-back portion for the other half of the row. Makes it hard to explain and hard to remember where in the pattern you actually are. 





Interesting fact. The yarn for this here scarf came from this bad boy. The original piece turned out so huge as to be almost unwearable. I mean, just look at that bottom picture! (Also, take a gander at all that hair). So, after sitting in a drawer for years, I decided to bite the bullet and frog it. Word to the wise, frogging mohair is not a fun process. It took days to get it done! But now I have this new scarf and enough yarn left over to make another shawl or scarf for myself. 

Which I think I just might do. I need a new project. 


One Response to “Just slow down there!”

  1. challoner February 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Good for you on your new etsy shop! I am planning one too, but I don’t have enough stock yet to launch it.


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