Travel, health, and an Etsy store

21 Jan

1. We had a whirlwind and wonderful vacation in Texas with my family last week. It had been almost a year since we went back, and no one but my Mom had even met Biscuit! So this trip was long overdue. Coco had a great time playing with her cousins, except for those couple of days when she was sick.



Now that the kids are old enough to play mostly without parental help, we adults were actually able to have some real conversations. Naturally, most of those revolved around the kids, but also about family and hometown drama. You know, the usual.

2. When we got back, I somehow managed to come down with a raging case of strep throat. No one else in the family had it, and thankfully no one in our house contracted it, so it’s one of those “where did it come from” mysteries. Oh well, a good dose of antibiotics later and I’m well again. I spent 2 days cuddling and feeding my kids wearing a mask so as to try to prevent spread. And I washed my hands so often that my knuckles are drying out. Worth it, though, to keep my kids disease free!

3. I’ve decided to start a little Etsy store. I’m not banking on making any big bucks, but a few dollars here and there to support my habit and buy us the occasional dinner would be nice. Some of the things I’ll be selling you may have seen here on the blog. As a knitter I enjoy the process but don’t always have use of the product. So I have several scarves and shawls laying around that I don’t use. Hopefully I can send some of those off to a new and happy home. Additionally I’ll be doing a couple of Valentine’s pieces and hope to start coming up with new designs for the spring/summer season!

Heart headband, modeled by Coco

Heart headband, modeled by Coco

The Launch Date is: Saturday, January 26! That’s this Saturday if, like me, you are doing good just to know what day of the week it is.

I love button! On shirts! For no use except decorations!

I love button! On shirts! For no use except decorations!



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