Ready for the holiday

20 Dec

Well, almost. I still need to get stocking stuffers and gifts for family that we aren’t seeing until January, but the big things are done.

Presents are bought.
Presents are wrapped.
Biscuit’s stocking is done and hanging on the mantle!


Sorry for the bad picture. It is dark and I have a serious headache, so that is as good as it gets.

In years past I’ve been a bit bah humbug about Christmas. Between the shopping, the cleaning, the traveling and finding a parking spot at the airport I find myself stressed out more than in good cheer.

This year, however, is a change from the norm. After 7 years of marriage we are finally having our own Christmas at home! I for one am excited about not having to wrangle 2 kids in a busy airport during holiday travel and getting to enjoy our festive decor for longer. And, since Coco is old enough to kind of understand what’s going on we are excited to share Christmas morning activities with her. Biscuit will just enjoy chewing on whatever is closest to him.

In preparation, GP and I have been talking about Christmas traditions – which we want to keep, which we want to add, what things our families do differently. For the most part our traditions are quite similar, so there aren’t any big compromises on either side. We are stealing a tradition from my cousins and doing Christmas pajamas! On Christmas Eve we will all open a present containing some new Christmas PJs, then wear them while we snuggle and read Christmas stories. I mean, isn’t that just so sweet it gives you a headache?

It does me, or maybe that’s the remnants of this migraine still hanging on. So tell me, what are your favorite traditions? Which ones just really make the holiday special?



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