14 Dec

Spending my days with a 2 year old leads to lots of interesting conversations, both with her and with others. Coco is very creative and inventive and loves to play with her toys, me, and Biscuit. She also loves to pick her nose. Here’s a few snippets of conversations to illustrate. And please. Chime in and tell me my kid is completely normal. I’d appreciate it!

Conversation #1 (actually, a recurring conversation now)

Coco: There’s a booger in my mouth!

Me: How did it get there?

Coco: I ate it.

Me: Eww! Does it taste good?

Coco: No. It’s nasty!

And yet she keeps doing it….


Conversation #2 , had during breakfast earlier this week

Coco: Mama, there’s a baby snake in your coffee!

Me: Oh, really?

Coco: Yes, I want to smell it! (Sniffs my coffee) Where’s hims Mama?

Me: I don’t know, where is his Mama?

Coco: Hims mama’s here in my milk cup!


Conversation #3, held with my own Mom over text message (I am referencing the movie Tangled, Coco’s favorite, in case you don’t catch the references. Also, Lib is my 3 year old niece that my Mom keeps a few days a week)

Me: Coco is calling me Flynn, I have to call her Rapunzel, and we are going to see the floating lanterns.

Mom: I totally understand. Just call me Batman and Lib is Wonder Woman!

Me: She also calls me Eugene, Flynn’s real name. Took me a while to figure out she was saying Eugene and not Gena.

Mom: Too cute!

(The next day)

Mom: Flynn, this is Batman. If I have to read Snow white to Batgirl one more time I will scream!

Me: Hahaha!

Mom: I am screaming!


2 Responses to “Conversations”

  1. Katrina December 14, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Y’all are just generally fantastic. Fantastic.

  2. challoner December 17, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    Yeah, man, your kid is perfectly normal.

    And by the way, they either ARE booger-eaters, or they AREN’T. Don’t expect that behaviour to be eliminated anytime soon. The best you can hope for is she learns that it’s a private activity, to be indulged in behind a closed bathroom door, or in bed at night all alone.

    Actually that’s a lesson that might come in handy in other respects, too. (Sorry…)


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