Christmas is coming

7 Dec

Most of the shopping is done, the decoartions are up, and Biscuit’s stocking is well on the way to being done in time to hang. Although I’m not making it easy on myself.

First, I knit the wrong ribbing. Had to frog it.

Then, I knit the right ribbing, but it was coming out waaaaay larger than Coco’s stocking. It just isn’t fair to have their stockings be different sizes.

I went down 2 needle sizes, and finally it is coming along nicely. Gauge, however, is still a problem. I’m going to have to rip the heel flap, because it is coming out about twice the size it should be. Yuck.


I toyed with the idea of doing a motif other than the snowflake, but the general consensus was to keep them the same. Once I thought about how much work it would be to find a different pattern, make sure it fit my stitch count or adjust if necessary, I decided to go the easy way and stick with the snowflake.

Hopefully I will finish the heel and at least part of the foot tonight, and I believe I can have this stocking blocked and hanging on the mantel by the end of the weekend!

One thing I have learned from this experience: If you are going to modify a pattern, take copious notes! Especially if you think you will ever knit it again. I keep having to refer to Coco’s stocking to figure out all the changes I made. Double yuck.


One Response to “Christmas is coming”

  1. Kendra December 7, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Looks amazing! Be sure and take lots of notes in case you need to make a third! For our first Christmas in our home we will be stockingless. I couldn’t do it all, so that was dropped. Oops. I have a year to make them. I can do this!


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