A bunch of lazy cheaters

15 Nov

Who? Oh, just my family. 

So technically, our family 5K should be named the Stuffing Stampede, as that’s what won the blog poll. However! I didn’t vote. RyRy didn’t vote, I’m not sure if Pedro voted, and Jan voted twice. Strangely, she voted for 2 different choices, so neither vote even counts. Huge failure on our part. Massive. Horrible laziness and strange attempts at cheating all around. 

After a family conference over email and FaceTime, we decided that we all liked Race for the Pie better. So we’ve changed the name. The date is set for Saturday, November 24th. T-shirts are made. Awards are complete. Pies are ready to be baked and devoured. 

In preparation for the big race, I have been doing a bang up job with my training schedule. I have been running 4-5 times per week and working on both speed and distance. My easy pace is now around 8:45 – 9 min per mile. A great improvement over when I first started running after Biscuit’s birth, when I could probably have walked faster than I was actually running. Of course, after eating Thanksgiving dinner and noshing on leftovers for another day I may be back to a snail’s pace by the time we actually leave the starting line.

I only had one minor set back in all this time and training. My left heel started hurting and both Dr Google and the Runner’s World forums assured me it is Insertional Achilles Tendonitis. And the only cure? Rest, of course, which is a pretty good bet whether Dr Google is right or not. So I took most of a week off. Then I came down with a cold. Took another half a week off. Fortunately, by the time I recovered from the cold my heel wasn’t bothering me anymore. 

Since then I’ve been back on track and fighting my intense hatred of running in cold weather. I’ve got 4 miles slated for tomorrow, and it’s going to be somewhere around 34F. I may need to invest in more cold weather running gear.


One Response to “A bunch of lazy cheaters”

  1. challoner November 23, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    “Race for the Pie” is way better anyhow!


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