27 Sep

Soooo, it looks like our 5k shall be called the Stuffing Stampede! I was really pulling for Race for the Pie, but I was outnumbered. By one. Don’t actually look at the poll, because it will tell you by 2, but the truth is, I didn’t actually vote in my own online poll. Oops.

Anyway, fall is approaching at a leisurely pace, and I am trying to finish my grey sweater before it arrives. I guess according to the calendar it already has, but according to the thermometer it has not. Here’s the sweater checklist:

Back? Check.
Left front? Check.
Right front? Check.
Left sleeve? Check.
Right sleeve? Started.


Mmmmm, love me some cables!


Must finish soon. Have a blanket to knit up really quickly, then I need to make a Christmas stocking for Biscuit. Might want to actually get that done before the holiday arrives.


One Response to “Check”

  1. Kristen September 27, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    “Have a blanket for knit up really quickly.” You have the best sense of humor. Haha!


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