Name this race

16 Sep

GP’s family is coming here for Thanksgiving this year and we are going to have a family 5k race!

See, I really want to run a 5k this fall, but I am nothing if not cheap and, since we are currently cinching our belts and living as frugally as possible, I can’t justify spending over $8 a mile to run a race. I’ll save up all my entry fee money for the marathon I plan to run before the end of 2013.

So, since I won’t be running an “official” Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving, I pitched the idea that we have our own. No entry fee, all awards will be made by my 2 year old, and post-race snacks will be pie and spiced cider. At home by the fire.

Fortunately all the family thought it was a winning idea (although they may just be humoring me – the thought has crossed my mind)! GP’s sister even volunteered to make race shirts, so we can say we participated in one of the most exclusive Turkey Trots in the country. 6 people. 7 max.

But our race needs a good name. Turkey Trot is cool and all, but there are about 20 of them going on in our region this year, so we need something a bit more original.

You, my dear readers, get to help us name our race! These are my favorites of the suggestions from the family. The person whose name wins gets the first choice of pie on Thanksgiving day. Unless they’re going for the chocolate, then they better just get outta my way. I’m serious about my chocolate pie.


2 Responses to “Name this race”

  1. Mary Anne in Kentucky September 16, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Oh, I’d much rather participate in a stampede than anything else. Not that I run, of course. But I walk fast.

  2. Yum Yucky September 17, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    hehe. That is so awesome. And it’ll be a lot more memorable, too. Maybe a new family tradition? I voted for a stampede. The pie was a close 2nd.


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