Planning fail

30 Aug

We have the best neighbors. So good they deserve their own post. But let me introduce them by saying that they loaned us one of those kiddie trailers that you can hook up to your bicycle and haul your kids around. They thought Coco would like it and it’s been sitting in their storage unit for a few years now.

GP took Coco out for a couple of trips around the block and she loved it! Kept asking for more, then got really sad when GP took it apart and had to go to work.

So, naturally, we planned to take Coco out in the trailer and Biscuit in the jogging stroller this past Sunday. There is a really nice paved trail in our city, just a few miles from our house, and it’s relatively flat compared to all the hills in our neighborhood. Ironically, you have to drive there to use it or else run to the entrance and back without actually enjoying the trail.

Anyway, we get the kids packed in the car, get the jogging stroller in, GP is hooking up the trailer to ride to the trail entrance when he notices a flat tire. Starts airing it up, but it isn’t working. Checks the inner tube just to notice that is has a 3 or so inch long hole in it. Not something that we can fix in a jiffy. Crap.

GP goes upstairs to change into running clothes. I get the other jogging stroller down from it’s hanger on the wall. Try to put it in the back of my tiny car with the other stroller. No luck. GP comes back, tries a few times. Finally decides to take the front wheel off of the first jogging stroller. Ah, now the second one fits! Get in the car, I drive while GP puts on his shoes.

At last, we make it to the trail entrance. Get out the second stroller only to notice that it too has a flat tire. Fill it up, okay looks good. Start running!

I push Coco in the second stroller, GP gets Biscuit in the first stroller. Coco and I are running along the edge of the trail and keep veering off into the gravel and dirt. Why? Oh, right. Because the tire WENT FLAT AGAIN! Well, this is a lot of fun, let me tell you. I’ve got a stroller with a flat that keeps pulling to the right, and GP has the stroller without a flat that always pulls to the left.

Oh good, now Coco is yelling that she wants us to chase each other. We play tag for a mile and a half, because otherwise she keeps telling us that she wants to get out. A mile away from the car. I don’t think so!

Get back to the car. Go home. Laugh at how planning ahead never seems to help, but that we still had a good time. Decide the buy some new inner tubes before we try this again!

One Response to “Planning fail”

  1. Leta Jester August 30, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    Good morning! Sounds like fun! I am glad yall are not in LA now even though it does not sound as devastating as Katrina.


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