Sword, airplane, shark, or fish?

21 Aug

While I may be highly skilled at knitting lace and running delicate science experiments, my art skills they are a-lacking.

Let’s play a little game and see how many of you can correctly identify the construction paper shapes shown below.

I’ll start you off with an easy one:


If you guessed fish, you are correct! See, they even come with smiley little faces (forgive the fuzziness. My iPhone picture taking skills are also a-lacking).


Okay, now for a somewhat more challenging shape.


More tricky shape #2

I bet you’re trying to decide between airplane or shark, right? It’s a tough one, I know. Take your time.

Need a hint?

How’s this:

Hint: Think Jaws

Correct! (At least I assume you are) It is a shark!

For the final shape I’m presenting a really tricky one. Like the math word problems we all hated in high school.  Except me, I loved those problems. And I’d bet good money GP loved them too.

Here is your final challenge:


Incredibly challenging shape #3

I’ll give you plenty of time on this one.

Maybe try turning your head to the right because I’m too lazy to turn the picture and re-insert it into this post.

Is that helpful?

You’ve probably narrowed it down to airplane or sword, as I assume you have decided I wouldn’t try to trick you by putting shark in here twice. But I may be that tricky.

Just kidding! Here’s the answer:


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s definitely not Superman!

It’s an airplane!

Did you get all three? Good for you! As a reward, I’ll post a new ice cream recipe later in the week. For now, to give you something else to laugh about, let’s look at how I seem to have a hangup with my beautiful artwork facing certain directions.


Proof that I am directionally challenged.

I did in fact try to make the fish face the other way, but somehow I couldn’t figure out where to put the eyes and mouth. And I realized that I always draw my crown jewel of artwork, the airplane, facing to the left. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s an air versus water thing. Or a living versus nonliving thing. It’s definitely not an osteichthyes versus chondrichthyes thing.

So there you have it! Next time you feel like your drawing of a spider monkey or wild mustang running free is a bit sub-par, come look at my artwork. I’m always here to help.

P.S. Coco obviously thought my sharks resembled airplanes, as she started calling them airplanes. Which is why our sea animals are cavorting with flying machines.


One Response to “Sword, airplane, shark, or fish?”

  1. Leta August 21, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    I think your artwork is pretty good. Hang it on the fridge! Actually, it is like the art I do, so I guess you inherited your artistic ability from me.
    Loved the blog!


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