These Olympics are wearing me out

10 Aug

No, really. I can’t stay up to watch half of the prime time stuff anymore because I am 1) too old, and 2) have a newborn who wakes up at 5 AM. Every. Stinking. Day.

My little man

So instead I fall asleep on the couch at about 9 PM each night, then check the news in the morning to see who won. Sometimes GP manages to stay awake and he tells me about it in the morning.

What glamourous lives we lead. Heh.

Oh, but the other night I actually got to sleep for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT! This is, like, an accomplishment on par with that whole landing a robot on Mars thing that happened the other day. No? Well, it is for me and any other parent of a newborn. You know.

I do manage to take a nap every afternoon when the kids are sleeping. I love naps. They’re my new life line to sanity.

Speaking of life lines to sanity, did I mention I started running again? Well, I did. I waited until Biscuit was 3 weeks old and I was feeling good physically and mentally, then hit the pavement. It had been ages since I last ran (most of the pregnancy, really) and it felt really great!

Our larger neighborhood is actually kind of suburban, but the neighborhood planners put some effort into maintaining a lot of the wildlife around here. I had a nice little surprise when I startled a deer on the sidewalk! She bounded off into the surrounding woodsy area, and stopped just far enough in that I could see her looking back at me. I’m gonna take that as a good sign that I’ll be running as lightly and fleetly as a deer in no time at all! Ha. Like light or fleet were ever words to describe my running. More like slow and trudging. Sludging.

Also, I keep meaning to do some knitting in the evenings, but again, I fall asleep. I might be more likely to knit if I actually brought a project down to the living room one of these days…Like with the running, I think I’ll have to ease into it, so as not to aggravate my carpal tunnel and wind up not being able to open doors or jars. Or hold pens. All of those have happened to me at one point.

One Response to “These Olympics are wearing me out”

  1. Yum Yucky August 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    ahhh. the joys of smotherhood. Don’t ya feel smothered trying to fit it all in? Or is that just me? I dunno.

    Little Man is chillin’ on that blanket. What a dang cutie.


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