The house part 2

6 Aug

Quick update: You know that job interview I had? Well, the company went on a hiring freeze, so I’m still on the job search. But I’m okay with it, and focusing on enjoying my time off with the kids and trying to see if I can figure out what sort of career I am really aiming for. Is it bad that I’m a 30 year old with a PhD and 2 kids who still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up? Don’t answer that. Unless you’re going to be positive.

Okay, here’s the rest of the house, because I know you’ve all been dying to see it.

The living room, which you can see better in this photo, is command central for most of our days. We play, read, draw, watch TV and do pretty much everything except eat and sleep in here. Well, okay. Biscuit sleeps in here a lot and I sometimes nap in the chair or on the couch. But Coco doesn’t sleep in here.

Command central

There’s a little half bath in the hallway off the kitchen, and 2 full baths upstairs. I told you our master bath is bigger than any kitchen I’ve ever had before. Here’s the best pic I could get. I’m actually standing in the full sized soaker tub to get it.

Kitchen-sized master bath

The little door in the middle leads into the toilet. Dual sinks, nice big shower that is not part of the bathtub! Man, I’m in heaven.

Our bedroom is nice and large! We actually fit all our furniture in here and have plenty of room for the pack-n-play that serves as Biscuit’s bassinet for now. Which he is sleeping in during this picture. Some friends came to visit yesterday and brought us the glider Coco is sitting in. I’m glad we decided to put it in our room – it made last night much easier, as I could just rock Biscuit back to sleep instead of walking around bouncing him. Much more rest for both of us!


We also each have our own closet, which is unheard of for us! Usually we share one small walk-in. Now we have 2! I fit all my clothes, shoes, and craft supplies in mine and have a TON of room to spare. Maybe that means I need more clothes? Or more yarn?

Coco’s room is kind of the saddest of them all. There’s no real sense of her in the room.

Coco’s room 1

I hung the quilt that goes with the bedding set to add some color to the walls and put the bumper around the floor to make a sort of reading corner. The plan is to get one of those wall decals to put over her bed. I’m thinking one with her name and a picture of a puppy since she loves puppies above all else.

Coco’s sad room

Then there’s the kiddos’ bathroom. Not much to report there.

And finally the backyard. Nice and big! It was overgrown when we moved in and now has those dead brown spots where old grass killed off other grass. But it’s recovering. You can see Coco’s inflatable pool just off the right edge of the picture. The patio is shady in the afternoon, so the pool is great on these hot summer days.

Backyard and patio

That’s about it! There’s a 2 car garage that only holds one car, since we sold GP’s car prior to moving (which could be a 5 post saga all in itself). Then there’s a nice large laundry room which I love, but which doesn’t really add much excitement to a blog post.

So, I hope you liked your little virtual tour of our new home! We are really happy with it and don’t plan on moving again for 2 years. Then who knows where we’ll be.


One Response to “The house part 2”

  1. Kendra August 8, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    What a great house! I know you guys are enjoying having a place of your own…minus the roaches! We had the same problem when we moved in here…but it was a minor problem. You guys win!!


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