(Not so) Important things

2 Aug
  • I knit a hat for Biscuit. Started and finished before he was born, and then it was 99 degrees and no one in their right mind, even a newborn, needed a wool hat. Besides, it’s too big. But hey, I made him something! I made this great fancy quilt for Coco before she was born, and I felt kinda bad that I hadn’t made anything for Biscuit. I still intend to make him a blanket, but I feel no rush until the weather cools off some.
  • 20120802-205949.jpg

    • I haven’t seen a live roach in over a week. The exterminator hasn’t caught any in his traps and has thus declared our house infestation-free. Thank goodness.
    • I started running again today! So excited! Happiest morning waking up at 5:30 AM ever! (I woke up to feed the baby, then went for a run. He’s decided 5:30 is prime eating time. Every. Single. Day.) I’m slow as molasses right now, but man does it feel good to get my blood pumping and my legs moving!
    • Since I’m currently staying home with the kiddos for an unknown amount of time, I need some ideas of what to do with them. Particularly on days when it’s too dang hot to play outside! Any suggestions are most welcome.
    • The laundry is all caught up! I expect that to last until tomorrow at noon, when somehow all the dirty laundry baskets will magically increase the number of clothes they hold.
    • I think I’m going to grow out my bangs. They are starting to annoy me with their always-hanging-in-my-face-ness.


    2 Responses to “(Not so) Important things”

    1. Kendra August 8, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

      Have you seen notimeforflashcards.com ? She started doing crafts/learning activities when her son was younger than Coco. Lots of easy ideas. You can also look to see what others have pinned on Pinterest. Sensory tubs, library story time. I have been known to pick a theme and run with it for the day or week: check out books, find crafts, and/or cook up a little something in the kitchen.

      • Gena August 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

        Oh my, that website is genius! Thanks for all your suggestions, I am going to be doing some website digging tonight!


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