On your second birthday

28 Jul

I actually wrote this post on Coco’s birthday, but didn’t get around to adding pictures to it until today. Better late than never!

Dear Coco,

Today was your second birthday. I can’t believe that my chubby little baby is now a strong-willed toddler, very opinionated yet still full of love and hugs. In the past year you have really become your own person, and I am so proud of the little girl you are.

Newborn Coco

You are (usually) very sweet to your new baby brother. Sharing is something we are working on, but today you made a breakthrough and handed your toy to Biscuit, telling him it was his turn to play. Not that he can actually play with anything yet, but that’s not the point. You were sweet and loving, and it made me happy to watch. Oh sure, you’ve pinched him a time or two, and sometimes you get really mad when you can’t sit on my lap because Biscuit is there, but I expect that, and every day you are getting better and becoming more understanding.

Size-wise you tower over other kids your age. Or if you don’t tower, you at least match them in weight. We can’t judge the age of other kids based on you because you are so huge! I mean, really, you’re almost the same size as your 3 year old cousin. She’s got 4 inches on you and a single pound! We affectionately call you our giant baby. But you aren’t a baby any longer.

First birthday party

While most kids have a short attention span, yours can last for hours. Days. Sometimes even weeks. For instance, you spent 45 minutes yesterday stirring a bowl full of water in the sink. If you weren’t stirring, you were scooping water out with a measuring cup and pouring it in the other side of the sink. For 45 minutes. The only reason you stopped was that you put Douglas in the bowl and got very upset when I pointed out that stuffed animals don’t particularly like to play in the water. Especially water that contains the leftover batter from your birthday cake.

18 months old

My favorite thing about you right now is that you are such a sweetie. Always ready to hug and kiss, telling us you love us, and wanting to cuddle. I dread the day when you no longer want to sit on my lap or be held and rocked while watching cartoons. I also love how articulate you are becoming and how well you can express yourself. Just this morning you actually said “May I have some more, please?” Not in broken english, either, but full clear words. Then this evening you just screamed and refused to use any words at all, but I digress.

Baking her 2nd birthday cake

You are opinionated, and you have some definite favorites. I’m recording them here so that I can use them to embarrass you with later on in life.

Movies: Dumbo (you try to get us to watch it on a daily basis), Tangled (or Punzel, as you call it)

Foods: green vegetables (you won’t eat any other color), meats, grits (you ask for grits at almost every meal), mac n’ cheese, rice, cheese sticks

Activities: “feeding” your stuffed animals, playing in water, putting your toys to “Nite Nite”

Toys: Douglas, Charlie, buckets, anything resembling a spoon (you got a fork and spoon set for your birthday and loved the spoon above all your other presents)

Things you can’t stand/refuse/yell about if we suggest it to you:

Sesame Street, fruit, ice cream (you’ll like fruit and ice cream, but you refuse to take a bite)

I can’t wait to see how you will grow and change over the next year! I love you so much, Coco!

Yours always,



One Response to “On your second birthday”

  1. Leta July 28, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    I love you, Coco!


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