20 May

I have had a terrible illness lately. And not the normal spring illness of laziness and procrastination, although I am being affected by those as well. No, sadly I have a real illness that you go to a doctor and get medication for. I have been suffering with a sinus infection for about the past month. Eventually I let Mom and GP convince me to see the doctor, but antibiotics weren’t helpful. Fortunately it seems to have run it’s course – I sound more like my old self, even if I do still have the occasional coughing fit.

Here’s a list of random things that have been happening while I was recovering.

The weather has been nice lately, so we’ve been making trips each weekend to take Coco to the local parks and burn off some energy. She likes to stop and look at the caterpillars.

Looking at the Capil, as Coco calls them.

We have signed a lease on a house in NC, so we now have a place to live! Such a huge weight off our shoulders during a time when everything seems to be a bit up in the air. Also, it seemed to take forever to find a place!

We have officially started packing.

I hate packing.

Packing isn’t easy when you keep getting bigger.

GP’s been playing stay at home dad since he finished school. He’s been a bit frustrated since his car has been in the shop for the past 5 weeks! That make outings with Coco a bit harder unless they are going somewhere close enough to go in the jogging stroller. On the plus side, GP is getting his exercise, since he runs Coco to the park several times a week!

The other day we were playing outside and I noticed this:

Wild strawberries

Maybe they’re the reason we have so many armadillos and possums in our complex.

I do believe it is now breakfast time! My tummy is rumbling and my toddler is up and yelling for juice!

2 Responses to “Recovering”

  1. Katie (@katiesci) May 21, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    Great pictures! I hope you’re back in tip top shape before the move! It is really horrible to try to organize and pack while not feeling your best.

  2. the Bag Lady May 21, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    Glad you are feeling better. I do not envy you the packing and moving. That sucks even when you are feeling well!


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