1 Apr

Well here we are, 6 months along in this pregnancy, can you believe it? We do know that we are having a boy this time, but we haven’t decided on a name yet. But I felt like I needed something to call the baby back before we knew the gender, so GP and I came up with the gender neutral Biscuit. I think it’s cute, and I think I’ll keep using it here on the blog as his permanent nickname.

6 months

I mentioned last post that we are leaving Louisiana! This is one source of stress for me (other than still needing to find a job!) since I’ll be 7.5ish months pregnant when we move! We have enjoyed our time here in Louisiana, but neither of us would say we are sad to be leaving. In fact, within our first few months here we had already determined that we didn’t want to make this our permanent home. Still, there are some things we’ll miss about southern Louisiana.

  • The food. Cajun food is so delicious, I don’t know how we haven’t managed to pile on the pounds! Fortunately, I am a good cook, and have acquired a good cookbook full of New Orleans traditions. So we can still have our cajun food, as long as we can find some andouille sausage.

Coco, Mama, and Biscuit

  • The mild winters. I will miss these, anyway. GP, being from the mountains, may enjoy the cold more than me. I, however, could go the rest of my life without seeing snow and be a very happy gal.
  • The live oaks covered with spanish moss. These huge trees are so abundant down here! They line roads and fill parks. Yes, North Carolina is full of trees, but not quite with the beauty of these.

  • Our friends. We have been fortunate to make some good friends during our time here, and we are going to miss them. The advent of Facebook and other social networking sites has made it easier to keep up with people, but that doesn’t make up for the lack of human interaction.

So once again we’re moving up in our careers and starting over. It’s exciting, it’s a bit sad, and it’s a bit nerve-wracking.


One Response to “Biscuit”

  1. Leta April 2, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    I like LA because it is closer to TX than NC! Selfish me! However, it is just too humid there.


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