25 Mar

Woah! I had no idea it had been so long since my last post! I admit I’ve been distracted by life – there was a span of much anxiety, followed by one of great relief and now great excitement and some more anxiety. Doesn’t that sound fun? Here’s a lovely bullet point list of what’s been going on this past month.

  • GP was interviewing for residencies. We were anxious about him getting a position, about him getting one in a less desirable location, him not getting one, etc. Naturally, he got 2 offers, so we got to choose! Which leads to the second bullet point:
  • We’re moving back to North Carolina this summer! Super excited.
  • On the downside, we’re moving while about 7 months pregnant = more anxiety.
  • We’re having a BOY! Exciting!
  • I need to find a job. Anxiety.
  • We will be done with higher education until Coco heads off to college! Great big wonderful excitement and relief!

So that’s the quick and dirty recap of all the distractions we’ve faced the last month. I’m now applying for jobs and fellowships and GP is working on finishing his thesis and defending. Changes are good, and we’re incredibly happy to be leaving Louisiana and heading back to North Carolina. We really loved it there and can’t be happier with how things have worked out.



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