This post is for the birds

2 Jun

Hi. Hello there. Howdy.

Yes, I realize that I have been absent for a very long time, not only from posting, but also from reading and commenting on other blogs as well. I hope to remedy that, but I make no promises. There are some fun things I want to tell you all about, and I’m going to start with the birds.

First, I noticed a nest with a single egg. I really wasn’t pleased about our new inhabitant, but certainly wasn’t going to destroy the nest and egg!

April 27

 Suddenly, there were two eggs.

April 29

The next couple of weeks were pretty dull. Mama dove sat on her eggs constantly. She didn’t mind me watering the mint in the planter, or looking at her several times a day. Or my taking Coco out there to look at her and her nest.

April 28

In early May I went on a trip for a week. A few days after I returned, I found baby birds in the nest!

May 12

Baby birds grow at an alarming rate. And although adult doves are very pretty birds, the little chickies aren’t quite as pretty. Cute, but not sleek and beautiful like their mama.

May 18

Soon they were too big for her to sit on, and she had to resort to squatting near them.

May 19

As they kept growing Mama bird took off for longer and longer excursions, leaving them with babysitter bird. No, really. This other dove would show up and sit on one of the other balcony planters. Then mama bird would take off for a little while. When she returned, babysitter bird would fly away.

May 20

One day I came home and only one bird was in the nest. After looking around for a few minutes, I found the other little fellow. He had left the nest and perched on the lower part of the balcony railing. I was afraid he had fallen out, but later that evening we saw him back in the nest.

May 23

 A few days later, as suddenly as the nest and eggs had appeared, the birds were gone.

May 24

I guess they had grown up and were ready to leave home. The nest has completely disappeared now. Strangely, I felt kind of sad once they were gone. Despite my initial misgivings, I really enjoyed checking on them daily, and monitoring their progress. They went from eggs to fluffy ugly baby birds to smooth, sleek adult doves in one short month.  I wonder if we’ll have other such inhabitants next year.


3 Responses to “This post is for the birds”

  1. Kate June 3, 2011 at 5:21 am #

    How lovely. 😀 I suspect we have robins nesting in our garden, but the nest is in the middle of a huge bush so no chance of spotting any tiny birds here!

  2. the Bag Lady June 3, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    I love that you were able to see this from start to finish! And that you showed Coco, too. We have lots of birds nesting around here, but all of the nests are inaccessible, so this was very cool!

  3. Leta June 3, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    It is always sad when the little ones leave the nest. You just hope and pray that they are ready to fly on their own!


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