Time and other changes

13 Mar

You know, I really don’t like when the time change comes around. It seems to take me forever to adjust even though it’s only an hour. I don’t even have that much of a problem when I change time zones! This year, though, I’m hoping it won’t be as bad. The “Fall Back” change went okay, and even though we lost an hour of sleep this morning, I’m doing alright today. It may be due to copious amounts of coffee, so tomorrow might be the real test.

Things are starting to get really interesting around here. Coco is going to start crawling any day now! So far she can push up on all fours, and yesterday she started making some strides – backwards. I guess we should start babyproofing the house about now, but knowing us, we won’t get to it until she starts actually pulling things off the lower shelves. That’s laziness and procrastination at its finest.

Work is going well, although I have managed to pick up some extra responsibilities that unfortunately don’t come with extra pay. My boss is away a lot and doesn’t have the time to micromanage projects in the lab. We do a lot of contract work for some companies, and I am now in charge of making sure the projects are getting done and the data are being analyzed. I don’t mind it, because it is giving me some experience at being a Project Manager and overseeing the work of others, but it’s hard to try and fit these projects in with my own personal work (which is hitting a slow spot anyway). Also, one of the students in the lab is in the middle of writing his thesis and has asked me to help him with the editing. It’s neat, because I get to learn about his project and a virus I don’t directly work on, but dang, theses are boring! No wonder professors complain about having to read them all the time!

So, you know, life is going on as usual. Nothing to complain about, really. Except that I would appreciate getting my hour back, please.



2 Responses to “Time and other changes”

  1. the Bag Lady March 14, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    Sounds like you’re busy!
    The time change is a pain in the butt. Up here, it doesn’t make any difference to us in the summer to have that extra hour of daylight – it doesn’t get dark until 11 pm, and the sun comes up again around 5 am….. around the summer solstice, anyway. This morning, it came up at 8 am. but I didn’t pay attention to what time it went down last night! (Probably around 8 pm) We’re close to 12 hours of daylight right now.
    Okay – I got curious enough to check. Sunrise this morning was at 08:13, sunset will be 19:57, dawn was 07:37, dusk will be 20:33. Gives us “light” for 12 hrs, 56 minutes. At the summer solstice, we receive 19 hrs, 17 minutes of light, approximately. So daylight savings time doesn’t make much difference around here! (Was that more information than you wanted?)

  2. Miz March 15, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    I want my hour back too.
    ESPECIALLY this morning.


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