4 Feb

If you live in the North American continent, you are most likely aware of the tons of snow, ice, rain, and generally bad weather being dumped thereon. Schools have closed all over the country, people have been snowed in their houses, and electricity has been knocked out. Down here in the swamp, I mean southern Louisiana, we were doing pretty well. Until yesterday. Then it got cold and things just fell apart.

School and Coco’s daycare were closed yesterday and today because of all the, well, because of the cold, I guess.

Although, to be fair, I suppose things were really closed because of the potential for dangerous ice on a lot of the roads. See, with all the swamps and rivers in the area, a significant portion of the roads are actually bridges, and we all know how bridges ice over before roads! I suppose, then, that closing things in case of ice is just the responsible thing to do.

GP stayed home with Coco yesterday, so today is my turn. I have a couple of things lined up to do today: clean (always on the to do list) and mend the holes in a couple of socks. Maybe later, when it warms up into the 40s, Coco and I will step out and run an errand a mile away at the local pharmacy.

For now though, we’re staying inside, drinking coffee, and doing our best to keep warm. Which is a task made easy thanks to central heat and air.

Stay warm and safe, everyone!


One Response to “Snowpocalypse”

  1. the Bag Lady February 6, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    Hope things have warmed up for you! While it was snowing and cold down in the States, it was relatively mild up here! Poured rain last night…. then, unfortunately, the temperature dropped, the rain turned to snow and we have treacherous conditions – the roads are skating rinks with a little snow hiding the ice! Sigh. It’s been a strange winter all around.
    I’m looking forward to spring!


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