The only bit of interest

5 Jul

This week has been a tough one. I kept meaning to write a blog post, but couldn’t come up with anything worth writing. Then something happened on Wednesday, but I spent the next few days too tired and with a really sore back and just never got around to posting. Since I have the day off from work, I figured I’d finally get that post up. 

I hope all my American readers had a great Independence Day! GP and I spent the day being lazy and watching episodes of Dr Who. We thought about going into Baton Rouge to see fireworks over the Mississippi River, but by the time it started getting dark we were just not interested. Mostly I wasn’t interested because, let’s face it, I was sleepy. That and my back has been killing me for the last several days. It’s too the point where I can never get comfortable, and I knew I wouldn’t really be able to enjoy the fireworks anyway. Besides, it was nice just to have a day to sit around and do nothing at all.
So what interesting things did happen this week? Just one thing, really. I went on a walk Wednesday morning and met a fellow traveller of sorts. 

That’d be a crawdad (crawdaddy, crawfish, crayfish, whatever). He was about the size of my palm, and if you look, you can see a twist tie on the right side of the picture to give you a bit of scale. My guess is that he, similar to some of his kin in Texas, escaped from someone’s crawdad boil and was making his way to freedom.
The fella was crawling around in the parking lot of our apartment complex looking for a way to get over the curb and enjoy the pools of water that had accumulated since the last rain. I thought about trying to help him, but when I approached I got this reaction:

I guess the threat of being boiled alive alongside 50 of your closest friends and relatives and a bag of potatoes will put a crustacean off humans for awhile. Can’t really blame them, I suppose.

So, I left the little critter there in the parking lot and went along my slow but merry way. I haven’t seen hide nor hair (shell?) of it since. I choose to believe that means he escaped and found himself a little bayou somewhere to live in. 

2 Responses to “The only bit of interest”

  1. Jay E. July 6, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    Color me surprised. If seeing a crawdad out in the open in Louisiana is rare then where is it normal? Of all places, I thought LA would be the one where they are prevalent!Hope your back feels better soon; now is the time to catch up on rest too because in a few months you are going to be BUSY (but in a good way). 🙂

  2. trek July 7, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    Everyone should get out and get a little exercise – even the crustaceans! ;o)


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