5 Day Weekend

14 May
1. The baby quilt is basted and ready to go. I didn’t mention in my last post, but I was also industrious enough on Sunday to calculate out the amount of binding I’ll need, cut it, seam it, and press it. So I’m ready to go for finishing as soon as we get back to Louisiana!
2. Why aren’t we in Louisiana? Because we’re on our way to North Carolina! Since I actually defended my PhD in June, I didn’t get to walk in the 2009 graduation ceremonies. So as this posts, we’re on the way to NC to take part in the 2010 hooding and graduation. This means I get to enjoy a 5 day weekend, since we aren’t coming back to Louisiana until Tuesday. 
3. While we’re there some friends are throwing us a party/baby shower! This is so wonderful, as it means we’ll have a chance to get together with friends we haven’t seen since we moved. Honestly, leaving behind all of our good friends has been the worst part of this latest move. But, since this is supposed to be a Half-full Friday, I’ll get back to the good stuff!
4. GP is done with school for the spring semester! Hooray to him for finishing his first academic year of grad school! This means I’ll actually get to see him more, since the last few weeks have been nothing but studying for him.  
5. Lastly, I am 31 weeks pregnant, and we are still doing well. No complications, no problems. I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable, but nothing that can’t be remedied by a little stretching and readjusting. 
That’s all for this version of half-full Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!  

One Response to “5 Day Weekend”

  1. JS May 20, 2010 at 11:29 am #

    Congratulations on your hooding and graduation ceremonies! I'm glad GP will have more time to spend with you and the coming Little One. The quilt looks great….you're so talented!


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