Top and back

12 May
Well, I said I was going to get busy on this quilt, and I did! Sunday morning I got to work cutting my rectangles and piecing them together. Then I pieced some more. Then I added sashing. Then I added borders. By Sunday evening I had managed this:

I’m so super pleased with how the quilt top looks! It’s almost completely square, measuring in at 48 inches by 49 inches. A great size to wrap up a newborn, use for playing on the floor, or taking to the park for a picnic. Sorry for the odd angle; I had to lay it out on the floor, stand on the couch, and lean on GP for support in order to take the picture. But hey, you get the idea.

Then, because I still had the sewing bug going strong even though the sun had almost set, I went ahead and pieced the back together. This was much easier, since it only had 3 pieces (the top had 143).

Ya’ll, it’s super cute and I can’t wait to finish it. I think I’m going to machine quilt it using straight lines along a diagonal grid. I’d love to do it freehand in those nice swirly patterns you see on fancy quilts, but I have neither the talent nor the attention span for that. And honestly, I’d rather have it finished and looking cute than not-finished and looking like an amateur made it.

Now for the more technical part that you can skip if you don’t really care that much about quilting and sewing and stuff.

I want a light, summery quilt here, so I’m using cotton flannel as the batting. It’s in the washing machine getting pre-shrunk right now. This is causing me no small amount of concern, as *gasp* I didn’t prewash any of the other fabrics. I know, it kinda hurt me a little bit to do that because I’ve always prewashed, but since I was using charm squares there was no way I was gonna wash and press 80 – 5 inch squares of fabric. I did a lot of online searching and found that tons of people are no longer prewashing their quilting fabrics, because the first wash and dry will cause it to wrinkle up and get that antique-y look. I really love that look, and hope it works out here. But the thing is, flannel is supposed to shrink a lot. Like, much more than regular cotton fabrics. So, I’m giving the flannel a single prewash before finishing the quilt. That way it will probably shrink a little when I wash the whole thing, but not so much that the quilt will be ruined. At least I hope. Anyone have any experience using flannel as a batting? What’s your opinion on prewashing (or not) your quilting fabrics?


One Response to “Top and back”

  1. Karen May 23, 2010 at 10:23 pm #

    So, you're probably already done with this. And I'm sure it is perfect. I am not a big pre-washer for non clothing items, but it probably was a good idea to wash the flannel. I've never used it as a batting, but I have some and its a great idea for a lighter weight blanket. Cora will love it!


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