3 May
I have this big bag of super soft chenille yarn that a friend passed on to me. 

I got it out of the closet, sorted it, and started knitting. A few years ago mitered square blankets were all the rage among the knitblogging community. It seemed like every week someone new would undertake the project, get sucked into the madness, and come up for air after they had exhausted their yarn haul. Well, I never have manage to do the popular things at the popular time. So here I am, a few years late to the party as always.

Every blogger who’s travelled this road before me has commented on how addictive these things are.

It’s absolutely true.

Each square is so super quick to knit that it becomes the game of “just one more square and then I’ll…” Before you know it, you’ve knit four more squares and it’s time for bed. I knit 9 this weekend. I’ve already knit one tonight and will probably do another before I turn in. Ah, the sweet lure of obsession and stripes. Gets me every time.


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