Third Trimester

30 Apr

We are officially in the third trimester, can you believe it? This weekend will actually be 29 weeks, so only about 11 left to go!

I haven’t really talked much about the pregnancy (or anything lately) on the blog, mainly because I didn’t want to temporarily run a pregnancy blog. Also, although GP and I are super excited about our upcoming addition, most of what I would talk about are complaints. Morning (oh how I wish it was only morning) sickness that lasted until maybe a couple of weeks ago, ridiculous tiredness, heartburn that surpasses even my thesis-writing days, you’ve all heard the complaints before.

But today’s Friday, and today I’ll participate in Half-Full Fridays, where we try our best to see the glass half full. So, here’s the half full viewpoint of the pregnancy so far.

1. Baby and I are both healthy. All the blood tests, screenings, and ultrasounds have so far shown us to be healthy and developing right on target. I go in for the glucose screening test next week, and I’m pretty sure the results will be good. 

2. I am finally starting to feel better. I know, you usually hear that people feel soooo good the second trimester and feel terrible the first and third. Well, I felt ridiculously terrible the first and still not so great the second, so I’ll take what I can get. Even if this only lasts another three weeks, I don’t care! I feel good for now and I’m going to revel in it!

3. GP and I have managed to keep the house clean. A few weeks ago we did a bit of furniture rearranging and cleaned the place from head to toe. We always have such good intentions to keep the house clean and not have to spend a whole weekend cleaning anymore (sound familiar, anyone?) but we generally seem to fail after about, oh, 4 days. This time, we’re actually sticking to the plan!

4. I am practicing and getting good at being more efficient. That is to say, my multitasking abilities have increased through much time management and planning ahead. I can get about 4 experiments done at work each day, come home and cook dinner (usually), do a bit of cleaning, and get all my stuff ready to start again the next morning. I’m actually quite proud of myself about this one. 

5. Last but not least, and the ones that are making me really happy, are some haven’ts. First, so far I haven’t experienced the dreaded “pregnancy brain”. This may be because I’m already pretty forgetful and long ago began using lists to keep from forgetting things. Still, I was afraid it would get worse with pregnancy, but it hasn’t! And second…no stretch marks yet! The appearance or lack of stretch marks is swayed by genetics, and I’m fortunate to have some good genes in that department. Not all the pregnancy genes I inherited from that particular gene donor have been so kind. 

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Hope you Friday is full of positives and your weekend is full of fun!



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