Setting up

19 Apr

Last weekend GP and I drove in to Texas for not one, but two baby showers. We came home with such a horde of stuff, I don’t think we’ll need to buy anything but diapers for the first 6 months.

We got tons of blankets and toys, crib accessories and bedding, clothes and diaper changing gear. Once we got it all home and sorted out, we went ahead and set up the baby’s “room” such as it is. You may remember that we currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment. That means the nursery is really more of a corner section of the living room. We’re not planning to stay here past February, so while we’ll spend a few months really cramped, it’s only a temporary situation. Here’s a few pictures of the sleeping area:

Neither of us are fans of pink, so we decided to go with the more gender neutral greens, yellows, and browns.

The crib is situated at the top of the stairs, in this little corner made by the walls of the stairway. It actually fits pretty well, and is far enough back from the main part of the room that it isn’t in the way or taking up too much general floor space. GP’s dad built the crib for us, and it is just beautiful! These pictures don’t really do it justice at all.

Instead of doing frilly girly things, we decided to do a sort of “safari” theme with lots of animals on the bedding. There are way more stuffed animals in it now, and we’ve added a dust ruffle to hide the baseboard and the storage bins we’ve put under the crib. The next little project is to get the changing table all set up and ready to go. GP’s got an idea of what he wants to do for storage in that area, he just has to find the spare time in his school schedule.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve been a bad blogger the last few months, since I’ve been dealing with an incredible desire to sleep every second I can. I fully admit to being a very lazy person in general, but the past few months have surprised even me! My days are spent working, driving, eating, and falling asleep on the couch before dragging myself off to bed at an hour that was my parent-mandated bedtime when I was 10. Normally I would counteract this sleepiness with massive amounts of coffee followed by massive amounts of Tums. Alas, the only thing I can have massive amounts of these days is the Tums. 



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