Petal for Spring

28 Mar

I’m a process knitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to wear the final product and really enjoy the first time I wear a piece out in public. But there’s something about the process of knitting, from casting on those first stitches to casting off those last that I love. Watching a sweater take shape, or a lace pattern emerge is a unique part of knitting and creating something with my own two hands.

Maybe it’s because I basically knit this pattern, Petal by Stephanie Japel, twice that I didn’t enjoy it as much. Or maybe it’s because it is made entirely of stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border. Whatever the cause, I didn’t enjoy the process as much as usual this time around. The final product, however, is something I really adore.

The shape is so simple, but can be worn in several ways. The short sleeves are perfect for spring and for wearing indoors in the spring and summer. Even though it’s already gotten past needing a cardigan outdoors, as temps have been in the 70s here lately, I’ve been carrying this one with me and waiting for excuses to wear it. Early morning? Check. Evening after work? Check. Indoors at work when i’m not garbed in the oh-so-flattering (especially when pregnant) lab coat? Check.

My favorite parts? My yarn choice. It’s made with Valley Yarns Goshen, colorway mulberry.  The tone is so beautiful and vivid without being either too pink or too purple. It’s 48% Peruvian cotton, 46% modal, and 6% silk. It has a wonderful sheen and the drape is simply to die for. By far this is the softest sweater I own (handknit or store bought). I’ve been wearing it pretty solidly for the past 2 weeks and I have yet to see any pilling. Another best part? Pattern and yarn together cost me less than $40.

All in all, it took only a few weeks to knit the sweater. I did modify the edging and the sleeves, both to fit my own aesthetics, but also because I was running out of yarn. I didn’t take any pictures of the buttons, but they are a cute cranberry-ish color, found in my Grandmother’s vintage button stash. I love being able to use these buttons; they’re all unique and mean something special to me.

I know you’re all wondering one thing: how’s the belly looking? Well, at 24 weeks, it’s looking like this:

Next project? Finishing up the socks for my Aunt (I’m hoping to have them done by the time I head to Texas after Easter – thank goodness she has smaller feet than me!), and making a baby blanket. Or several. Knit, crochet, or sewn, I have no idea what I’ll wind up doing!



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