How we spent our Mardi Gras

21 Feb

Sitting on the couch taking antibiotics and sinus medicine. Exciting, right? I had a sinus infection, and GP started feeling pretty bad as well. So rather than stay out late in the cold to enjoy the parades and the shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic and stench of Bourbon Street, we stayed in and watched the Olympics. A lot of the Olympics. Fortunately, we’re both feeling better now.

Since I took Friday off sick and Monday and Tuesday were work holidays, I had a 5 day weekend. All that TV watching meant plenty of time to get some knitting done, and I took full advantage. I knit almost an entire sweater in 4 days!

About 10 minutes after this picture was taken, the sweater looked like this:

My gauge swatch lied to me, as swatches are want to do, and it turned out that my working gauge was waaaaaayyyy off. So much so that I managed to add a couple of inches to the width of the sweater. So I cast on again using a half size smaller needles, and even went down to a smaller pattern size. It’s fitting great, and moving along really quickly. I’ve already made up all the lost work and should be able to finish in a week or so.

In other news, we are now almost halfway done with the pregnancy! Today marks the 19th week, and so far we’re having no problems. I’m also starting to show a little bit. See?



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