Cat in the Hat

7 Dec

It doesn’t feel like Christmas around here. Maybe it’s the warm weather. Maybe it’s that I’ve been too busy now that work has started to even think about shopping. Maybe it’s that we’re moving into a different apartment this week, so we haven’t bothered to put up the decorations. Whatever the cause, I can’t seem to get into the Christmas mood, even with GP playing Christmas music while he studies for finals.

This may be a good part of why I’ve been so slack making new hats for the nieces and nephew this Christmas. Still, I have managed to eke out one hat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cute four year old boy to put it on, so I had to make due with the cat.

Soup was surprisingly docile once the hat was on. Anyway, it’s a simple little crochet hat that should only have taken a day or so to knit. However, I started it a few weeks ago, got about 5 rounds done, then didn’t do anything on it until this weekend. Lazy – that could be my middle name. Or my first name, if I’m going with complete honesty here.

Just two more hats to go, one for a 2 year old and one for a 6 month old. Those shouldn’t take too long. Which means that I’m glad we won’t be seeing them until after Christmas, because I get a few extra days to make them.

One day I’ll be a productive knitter again. One day.



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