Goodbye summer, hello winter?

5 Dec

It’s Saturday, and I really really wanted to sleep late today. Apparently, though, my body decided that sleeping late meant a mere extra 30 minutes from my usual wake up time. So, I’ve been up since 6:30 am. It’s a beautiful morning outside, but too cold to sit on the balcony while drinking my coffee.

This week, the weather managed to move from the last vestiges of summer straight to a deep south winter. Meaning, of course, that the temperature has been around or below 50 during the day and occasionally below freezing at night. In order to really drive the point of winter home, it snowed a little bit about 20 miles north of us. I’m not sure if it snowed here; there’s nothing on the ground this morning, so whatever fell didn’t stick. There are still flowers in bloom outside, the grass is still green, and the trees just started changes colors last week. I guess we’re skipping autumn (my favorite season) and moving right in to the season that we loving refer to this far south as “not summer.” See, because in the deep south you have 2 seasons – summer and not summer. Get it? Yeah, okay. Sorry.

Anyway, despite the cold weather and the possible snow, I’m glad it’s the weekend. Now that I’m actually gone during the days (hooray for work!) the house needs cleaning and the laundry needs doing. And I can do all this, buy groceries, watch some TV, and still manage to squeeze in a nap somewhere. Oh, and work on the Christmas hats for the nieces and nephews. GP’s still asleep, the lucky guy, so I’ll start the day with the hats. Surely the sound of a crochet hook and yarn won’t wake him up. Not if the dog running through the house doesn’t.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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