Pictures from around here

13 Oct

We live in a small town here in southern Louisiana. Fall weather, as I mentioned before, has yet to hit. In fact, the indoor/outdoor thermometer says its 85F right now, at 9:51 in the morning. No leaves are changing colors. No cool breezes brush past our arms and faces while we’re out walking the dog. So what does October in these semi-tropical regions look like? I’ll show you.

Just outside of town is a very pretty little area built up around a small river. It’s my favorite place to run here, and is lined with beautiful houses and trees full of Spanish moss.
North Carolina was full of beautiful colors in the fall from all the tall trees. Here, though, we are back in the land of live oaks, with their huge trunks and sprawling branches. That cow is standing even with the tree, not behind it.
The trees get covered in these vines that grow straight out of the trunk and branches. They don’t creep up from the ground, but sprout like fungus directly from the wood. Whole trees can become covered, and I think it must be a parasite like mistletoe.
This last picture reminds me a bit of home. On the road to Mom’s house, several trees completely reach across the road and form a canopy over you. It’s very pleasant to drive or walk under a canopy of trees, especially when they’re so decorated by the silvery Spanish moss.

So that’s what fall is looking like down here. I looked up the average temperatures for our area:
for October the high is around 80F, the low at 56F. The lowest it usually gets in December and January is around 60F during the day, 40F at night. And just for kicks, our elevation is 25 feet above sea level.



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