Ripple blanket

1 Oct
First off, thanks so much for the hair compliments! I’m loving it so far, and actually get to try different ways of fixing it, something I haven’t really done since, oh, 1996 or so. The last time I had short hair. Back to the subject:

In may, my brother and his wife had a third child, another little girl. I said I would make a baby blanket for the cute darling (the first of their 3 children to have brown hair) like I did for her big sister. So, I finally did. I know, I know. She was born in May and I am a slacker aunt. In my defense, they live in Texas and didn’t really need a wool blanket for those first few months. Truthfully, they probably don’t need one right now, but one will be sent their way!

I followed the ripple pattern tutorial here; it’s a really clear and simple one to follow, with a lot of pictures to help the newer crocheter out. Be warned! If you go check out the rest of Lucy’s website, you will decide that crochet needs to become an integral part of your life. Her stuff is just that beautiful.
I really enjoyed crocheting this blanket. It was fast and fun, didn’t require a whole lot of attention (although you do have to count and focus a tiny bit), and gave a lovely result. I used a size J hook with worsted weight yarn, but I think I should have gone down a hook size. My loops were just a little too open for my liking.

I may have to make one for myself now.



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