Long time coming

8 Sep

Once upon a time, a sock was knit. This sock was high in cotton content for wear by the knitter’s mother in the not-so-cold state of Texas. The sock was lonely, however, and desired a mate for itself. Thus, the knitter endeavored to create a mate of equal beauty and even striping so that the two socks would be interchangeable and equally lovely.

As it turns out, the knitter was a dunce. She started toe decreases too early and mangled what was once a pair of perfectly matching striped socks and instead wound up with this:

Naturally, the knitter did the only thing she could do. She banished the socks to the bottom of the knitting basket for nigh on a year. Finally, in a fit of boredom and guilt, the knitter rescued the socks from banishment, fixed the error of the second sock, and completed the pair. There now exists a pair of matching striped socks from cuff to toe and a happy knitter.

There is also a happy dog.

Pattern: boring old socks

Yarn: Plymouth yarn Sockotta Fair Isle Effect

Needles: US 0, done magic loop

Started: October 1, 2008

Finished: September 5, 2009. Dang!

Notes: I really did not like this yarn. It’s 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, and 15% nylon. It has very little stretch and the cotton content made it rough and caused my hands to dry out. While I am pretty pleased with the finished product and love the faux fair isle look, I probably won’t use this yarn again. Which is too bad because it only cost about 12 bucks to make this pair of socks. Now I just have to pop them in the mail and send them off to Mom!

Speaking of mail, look what showed up in mine today, addressed to Dr Gena:

That’s my printed and bound dissertation! I spent about 5 minutes looking over it and think it’s just beautiful. The pictures printed up so lovely and shiny and the cotton pages are so soft…If I hadn’t written the damn thing, I think I might just read it. Now, if only my diploma would arrive.



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