Homemade ciabatta paninis

3 Sep
The ciabatta bread turned out fantastic! I followed the recipe here, and had no problems whatsoever. It does take a bit of time, as you need to make a starter one day, then let the loaves rise several times the day you bake them. The bread didn’t get those huge air pockets that you see in bread from a bakery, but who cares? The taste is great, and that’s really what matters most to me.

On Tuesday I baked 4 small loaves of bread instead of the two recommended in the recipe. I had one for lunch that day smeared with some plain yogurt and sprinkled with black pepper and sage. It was wonderful. The rest I wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge until supper time on Wednesday, when I took them out to warm up prior to cooking.

One loaf was sliced up and eaten with butter, and the other two were used for the paninis. We had yogurt-marinated grilled chicken with gouda cheese and grilled bell peppers on ours. I will definitely be making more in the future and varying the ingredients. You just can’t beat a quick and delicious dinner!

Chicken marinade:

1 C plain yogurt

2 tsp dried sage

1/2 tsp black pepper

Mix well in a jar or blender. Use 1/2 the marinade on your chicken (we only needed 1 chicken breast for 2 paninis) in a bag or bowl for about 2 hours prior to grilling.

Next, grill the chicken until done; takes about 5 minutes on highest heat setting.

Add 3 sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil to the remaining marinade and blend well.


Dress the bread with as much of the yogurt/sun-dried tomatoes mixture as you desire. Layer on the chicken and Gouda cheese, and whatever veggies you would like;I used grilled bell pepper slices. Now, if you have a panini press, go ahead and use that to grill your sandwiches. If you don’t, just use your foreman grill/whatever you have and press down on it to smash the sandwiches. Keep going until the cheese has melted a bit and the whole thing is warmed through and yummy.

Eat and enjoy!

By the way, if you sew, please drop your opinions in the comments of the post below!


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