New job, new socks

1 Sep
I was hoping to start working today, but it appears that I won’t be starting for another week or so. See, I had a job all lined up when we moved down here – it fell through. Funding for my position, which would pay my salary, didn’t get approved, and the woman I was really looking forward to working with could no longer afford to hire me.

I panicked temporarily. Fortunately, the woman I was planning on working with took care of me. She took it upon herself to talk to other virologists in the department, and I interviewed with one such person on Friday and was immediately offered a job. Not only that, I was offered a higher level job and at a higher salary than I was anticipating! So instead of being a postdoc, I get to call myself a “Research Scientist” now. Even though they’re basically the same thing. Also, I’ll get to do a portion of my work in clean rooms wearing space suits – every virologists dream!
So, I’ve been hanging out at home a bit more than expected. This means, of course, more time for knitting and cooking. I’ve finished the clapotis (it’s blocking – expect pictures soon) and have started a new pair of socks.
This beautiful yarn was given to me by Kristen as a graduation present. It’s Malabrigo sock yarn in the Terra Cotta colorway – perfect for me as Kristen well knows! I wanted a pattern that would show off the beautiful sheen of the yarn and highlight it’s subtle variegation. In comes the genius of Nancy Bush:
The pattern is the Anniversary sock, which can be found in the Favorite Socks book. Easy, beautiful pattern, done on magic loop, makes the socks fly by. I’m about ready to turn the heel on the first sock.
For the remainder of the morning, I’ll be baking my first batch of ciabatta bread (fingers crossed it turns out okay) and getting my oil changed. Such fun, my life. Then, I may watch a movie after lunch, or just continue reading my latest book, Dracula.


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