Slow and steady

21 Aug
The new apartment is coming along nicely. All the boxes are unpacked and the stuff is put away. There’s still a bit of cleaning up the moving residue that needs to be done, but all in all we’re in a totally liveable place.
We’ve slowed down from our earlier rush to get things upacked and are steadily finishing the smaller things that make the place a home. Such as on getting artwork put on our walls. We’ve got a lot more wall space in our new (1400 sq feet) place than the old (900 sq feet) place. Right now the only completely finished room is the kitchen, which pleases me to no end.
Click to make larger!
Curtains are up! I had fun spending an afternoon making these cute little cafe curtains, and while they don’t exactly match with the crazy Fiestaware colors, they are so sweet I don’t care.
The fabric is a Mary Englebright pattern, which means I should hate it on site because I don’t like her work, but I really like the look of this. You might be able to see if you make it bigger, but it’s all cherries. Cherries just hanging out, cherries in blue polka dot bowls, cherries cherries cherries. Love it.
And here’s where I spend my mornings, drinking coffee, reading your blogs, and randomly doing my own blogging and knitting. In the old apartment, this table was in the entryway and served as a catch-all for keys, bags, and other junk that we brought in with us. Now it has a real purpose and is a great place for breakfast, coffee, and reading because the kitchen has so much light through the window.
I’m completely enamored of our new place, can you tell?
What’s that I’m knitting on? Oh, it’s a clapotis. Should be finishing it up this coming week, and then maybe starting on a new pair of socks. It’s been awhile since I knit any socks, and while I might not need them here in southern Louisiana, I can’t help but have the desire to make them.


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