The Little Things

13 Aug
We arrived in southern Louisiana to a torrential rain storm. In our first 24 hours here, we experienced 2 such storms, but today has been sunny and beautiful – and hot – all day long.
Our belongings were delivered right on time and thanks to the help of a few of GP’s fellow students, we had all the boxes and furniture deposited in our new apartment in only 2 hours. Then the real task – the unpacking of the boxes – began. It has been a marathon couple of days, but this morning I was able to make my own coffee and eggs in my own kitchen using my own coffee maker and skillet.

Sometimes its the little things in life that make everything better.
The rest of the house may be really cluttered and covered in bits of packing materials, but the kitchen is mostly done. It’s even better than when this picture was taken this morning. I’ll be making some sweet cafe curtains for the window eventually, but for now I’m satisfied with things the way they are. I’ll post more pics as things get finished, because I know you’re all dying to know (or at least Mom is) how the place looks.
Next up, finishing the living room:
And the bedroom:
It’s going to be a long couple of weeks. Anyone want to come help? Please? If I offer you homecooked meals, some soft yarn, and a trip to the French Quarter?


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