Hiking in the canyon

24 Jul
Just in GP’s current backyard is a canyon type thing. See, the actual town was built on a mesa, and is surrounded by rocky cliffs on all sides. There are plenty of hiking trails going down the cliffs and into the canyons. When deciding to go on a hike here, I somehow managed to not figure out that it meant we would be hiking down a cliff face. Like I said, I’m a plains girl, not a mountain girl.
The trail started off flat, and we soon had to go down a few feet in elevation. This small decline gave us a really nice view of the valley between the mesas.
See that house up there? That’s where we started. In this picture, we’ve gone about a third of the way down into the canyon.
Looking up from the next level spot we can see again just how far down we’ve come. The climbing down wasn’t so bad, really. But, looking back at where we started, I had a sneaking suspicion that the going back up wouldn’t be nearly as easy as the coming down.
At the bottom of the climb, right before the river, was a small area where the water bubbled over and through some rocks. I had forgotten what a pretty noise rushing water makes, and enjoyed both the sight and sound of the tiny falls.
Both fortunately and unfortunately, it was threatening rain, so we started to head back. Unfortunately because it was cool and beautiful, but fortunately becase we were very tired by this point.

Climbing back up was slow and painful. I liked to refer to the climb up as climbing the stairway into Mordor. GP laughed at me, and I pointed out that he is as big a dork as me because he understood the refernce and thought it funny. If you catch it, consider yourself a dork. If you don’t, you’re really missing out.



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